Tax Havens: Here is Everything You Need to Know

Legitimate tax havens provide the best solutions for high net worth individuals of any nationality. Therefore, if you no longer want to pay tax to your government, you can change governments. It is otherwise a fool’s errand to wait around hoping for spontaneously change to arise from the ash heap of populist politics.

Tax havens allow you to eliminate unjust income tax now with your privacy guaranteed. Plus, get premier offshore banking and enjoy new investment opportunities in politically neutral countries.

You will discover financial bliss as a citizen of a tax haven. To acquire citizenship is to find a secret path to a hidden tropical paradise. Like a story from Arabian Nights, the tax haven is the genie emerging from the bottle to grant your wish.

This genie uses its magic to allow you to legally escape from a government’s income tax laws, suicidal foreign policy and much more.

Establishing economic freedom in the best tax haven country is a perpetual gift for yourself and your family. Do you want extra security? Consider an additional layer of protection available from the world’s best tax havens.

For example: use your tax haven citizenship in combination with an offshore company or offshore trust. This additional step is a self reinforcing solution. Indeed, no foreign government, company or individual will ever again threaten your assets and freedom.

But that is not all you can consider. In further benefit, politically neutral tax havens have passports with visa free travel to hundreds of countries. You also have the options for offshore banking and investment accounts in the best legal jurisdictions and much more.

List of Tax Haven Benefits

  1. Tax Havens Protect Future Generations
  2. Escape Geopolitical Chaos through Tax Havens
  3. Should you consider European Tax Havens?
  4. European Economic Policy is a Colonial Relic (Bound to Fail)
  5. Enjoy Strong Legal Protection in the Best Tax Havens
  6. How can you get a Tax Haven Passport?
  7. Find Politically Neutral Tax Havens with iGlobal

Tax Havens Protect Future Generations

Benefits of tax havens can be passed to your children and grandchildren by eliminating your government’s inheritance tax, wealth tax and gift taxes. Therefore, you retain firm control of your assets. 

Some tax havens also have asset protection trusts situated in impenetrable legal jurisdictions. No creditor can seize your assets in a legal challenge against you or your family.

A trust set up in the best tax haven jurisdiction is a formidable deterrent. Even the IRS, backed by the unlimited spending power of the US Government has failed miserably when challenging a tax haven trust.

Indeed, an asset protection trust on its own is nearly impenetrable, but when used in combination with second citizenship it creates an insurmountable legal obstacle. There are several structural options and protection layers to consider.

For example: use an offshore company to serve as trustee of your tax haven trust with yourself serving as director and you are also a citizen of a tax haven. This time tested solution allows you to stay in total control of your assets.

Do not make the mistake of allowing an unpredictable agent to take control through an independent trust company in a dubious jurisdiction e.g. British Crown Dependencies.  

A legitimate tax haven passport allows you to take full control. You dictate how and where your money is going. Also enjoy the protection of strict banking laws that enforce 100% confidentiality for beneficial owners.

Escape Geopolitical Chaos through Tax Havens

The source of all geopolitical chaos, social perversion and fiscal extravagance for many centuries has been Western governments working under the “rules based international order”. Unfortunately, this perverse dogma is dangerously enforced with far reaching hypocritical standards.

The rule is “Do as I say not, but not as I do”. A golden rule set by a morally superior, rapidly diminishing Neo-colonial global minority.

This rules based order is founded by the United States, United Kingdom and the European Union. They still remain as the usual suspects following centuries of imperialist policy. Unfortunately, their insidious corruption is still ruthlessly enforced onto the world.

At this time, there is no relief in sight. USD hegemony, poorly targeted monetary policy and gratuitous money printing are the status quo. For high net worth individuals and their families, the time to act is now more than ever before. Your only credible solution is tax haven citizenship with the help of an offshore company or trust.

In further benefit, escape from a decadent, imperial propaganda that is cloaked in false morality. Find your freedom from a false doctrine that is disbursed through respected global institutions such as the IMF, World Bank, ICC and United Nations.

As a result, death and destruction is perpetuated onto dedicated proxies such as Ukraine. That could be you who is being pushed into the meat grinder on the new Eastern Front. Do not follow the pied piper to your own demise. Find relief today in a tax haven country.

Should you consider European Tax Havens?

How far will it go? Wars against Russia have always always ended badly for the aggressor country e.g. Napoleon’s France, Nazi Germany. Indeed, even the Mongol Empire failed to overrun Russia which was an undeserved boon for Europeans.

These powerful European Empires such as France and Germany collapsed trying to overthrow Russia. As such, what chance does decadent NATO have? At least former European powers had a chance to succeed but still failed miserably.   

This new fabricated war against a nuclear armed, commodity rich, hyper-sonic, Eurasian, geopolitical super power is certain to end badly for Western Europe and their imbecilic lackeys in Ukraine.

Russia is also allied with BRICS+ political structure that includes their security partner China. This BRICS+ structure now includes Saudi Arabia, Russia, Iran and Brazil who in combination hold over 730 billion of the world’s known oil reserves. Nearly 2x the entire reserves of the United States and Canada combined.

Where will Europe get their oil and natural gas if the BRICS+ nations cut them off or price them out? Will cheap grain supplies keep coming to Europe after Ukraine’s export terminals just got blown up?

It is a foolish assumption to believe that Russia would allow wealthy EU countries to continue profiting from Ukraine’s cheap grain exports. These grain shipments that were ostensibly earmarked for Europe’s destitute former colonies in Africa were rerouted to Europe all along.  

So when Ukraine’s much heralded counter offensive falls flat as it is now, are Europeans going to send their children to the Russian Front? Not likely.

As we speak, the war is creeping across Europe’s borders into Poland and beyond. Therefore, a non European solution is paramount.

The best tax havens offer political neutrality with absolutely no threat of conscription. You must make the right considerations for the future.

European Economic Policy is a Colonial Relic (Bound to Fail)

For many centuries the European economic model has been based on the colonial mindset. However, Europe’s former colonies have now become adversaries e.g. BRICS+. As a result, the endless stream of free commodities and profits from the slave trade has ended.

The free ride for ravenous Neo-colonial masters such as England, France, Holland and Belgium is long gone. In addition, European integration has failed to appease rampant cross border inflows of destitute migrants from their former colonies, perpetual civil unrest is imminent.

Europe’s economic model is hopelessly based on US style money printing and monetization of debt. For many decades, Russia had provided Europe with abundant natural gas supplies at heavily discounted prices. This is over. Who will pick up the slack?

Has Europe forgotten about the fight against global warming? Global emissions in Europe are rising, not falling. This is a fool’s errand indeed. Europe can only hope in vain for more free money from former colonies that will never come.

The small minority of Europeans with wealth will have their assets drained. The vast majority who only have unpaid debts will contribute nothing.

Europe’s existential demise is further accelerated by war funding for Ukraine amounting to nearly 750 billion Euros. It has already gone up in smoke. The widely heralded counter offensive has failed leaving Europe with 2 options. Either remain a vassal of the US or bow to Russia.

A tax haven passport is the sensible solution. The best tax haven country was in fact a former British slave colony. Europeans have the opportunity to make slave reparations, but at the same time get financial redemption for your family and your wealth. It is a win, win opportunity.

Tax havens have no standing military, no income tax, no conscription and sensible social values. This is written in stone and included as an indelible part of each country’s constitution.

These benefits are not just hollow words. The country’s constitution is the ultimate benefit. Your rights to tax benefits, visa free travel and economic freedom are enshrined there. As a result, a lifetime of freedom and opportunity is written in stone.

Rest assured that your children will be safe in the public institutions. They can now receive an education free from institutionalized sexual propaganda, drugs, abortion and the constant threat of gratuitous violence (especially in the US).

There is no thrill kill mentality in legitimate tax havens, they are safe jurisdictions for your entire family, not only children but also parents and siblings.

Best of all, there is no fear of invasion from a foreign aggressor that your former government started a war with using your tax dollars!

Choose where you want to live. Do not let your government tell you how or where you need to live. You decide what is best as the new citizen of a peaceful country that has never had any income tax.

Get a new passport from a legitimate tax haven country. Enjoy a 100% sustainable tax remedy from an independent minded sovereign country.

How can you get a Tax Haven Passport?

The best tax havens offer several options to obtain citizenship by investment. St Kitts and Nevis opened their country to the world in 1984. Therefore, high net worth individuals were able to acquire tax haven passports by making an investment into the local economy.

Investment options to qualify include the first option which is a non refundable donation to the government’s economic development fund. The second option allows applicants to qualify by purchasing government approved real estate.

Real estate investment allows successful applicants to obtain an annual dividend yield. In addition, you have the option to sell the property to a new citizenship applicant at the end of the holding period while retaining citizenship in perpetuity.  

To be successful, the applicant must also have a clean background, verifiable source of investment funds and be able to produce a medical certificate.

The opportunity to obtain a St Kitts and Nevis passport is accessible to nearly anyone who can meet these minimal requirements. All Russians excluded of course; thanks to the “rules based international order” alluded to above.

If you are Russian, consider Vanuatu or Turkiye while the options remain open. Things can change quickly, do not procrastinate.

We will guide you through every step of the process to acquire a tax haven passport; regardless of your nationality. All application forms, along with the list of supporting documents will be duly provided.

Last but not least, legal review by our local agent ensures a 100% approval rate. You can have your tax haven passport within 2-3 months.      

Find Politically Neutral Tax Havens with iGlobal

The key to it all is political neutrality. Tax havens will provide your political neutrality when you invest in their country. As a result, you are certain to receive a warm welcome in any location where you want to live and work.

As a new citizen of a tax haven country, there are no political barriers whether you want to obtain a long term US visa or you want visa free travel to Russia, the EU, Iran or China. You will be able to cross practically any international border free of fear. I will help you find the right tax haven passport to best suit your needs.

Rest assured, my partners and I have 35+ years of experience working with the best tax haven countries. We have walked in your shoes to find a solution to crazy tax laws enforced by populist regimes following the “rules based international order”.

You now have the opportunity to escape the dangerous political bias that was long associated with your country of origin. Find political freedom and economic opportunity today in a tax friendly jurisdiction. You must act now before it is too late!  

All of our clients with a clean background, verifiable source of funds and a health certificate will be granted citizenship in a peaceful tax haven. Success guaranteed.

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