The Best Citizenship by Investment Countries in 2023

The best citizenship by investment countries offer tax benefits, safe investment, stability and security. At the same time, the list of reasons to relocate your family and your business offshore is quickly increasing. Second citizenship provides an essential cornerstone to ensure your economic freedom and global access for the future.

The citizenship by investment programs offered below will protect you and your family for your entire lifetimes plus future generations will inherit your citizenship.

But time is of the essence to secure your future! There is no reason for hesitation when the future is so uncertain in your country of origin. You must act now.

Citizenship by Investment Requirements

In return for a significant investment into the local economy, the best citizenship by investment countries will grant a qualified citizenship applicant a lifetime of personal security, freedom and also the opportunity to eliminate income tax.

In addition to the economic investment, you must have a clean background, medical certificate and a verifiable source of investment funds to acquire new citizenship. The process allows you to receive your new passports within 60-90 days or less.

New citizenship will serve as the basis for all your objectives. The passport has broad utility to register a new offshore company, open offshore bank accounts or form an offshore trust.

Use your new passport for everything you want to do with confidence and security. Passport benefits you will enjoy include visa free access to over 150 countries and territories!

Efficiently acquire your new passports in two easy steps. We will guide you through the entire process from start to finish.

Step One: Complete the Application Process for Citizenship

First, the preliminary application process will take about 3-4 weeks. During this time we will work with you to fill in the application forms and gather the supporting documents.

Supporting documents that need be to submitted with the completed application include your references, police report, medical certificate, bank statements plus your passport photos.

The completed application package will then be reviewed by our legal team before submission. Rest assured, our application approval rate is 100% after the legal review.

Successful government review will take 30-60 days depending on their current backlog. After government approval is received, we proceed to the second step which requires you to place the investment.

Step Two: Make the Investment for Citizenship

The best investment option allows you to purchase an interest in a government approved real estate development which produces an investment yield. Sell the asset at the end of the holding period to a new applicant while retaining citizenship in perpetuity.

Investment in the best real estate option supports the local tourism industry. This encourages high quality tourism and increases the amount of time tourists spend at the resort. As a result, dividend payouts to CBI shareholders are sustained at higher levels. In addition, real estate ownership provides a local nexus to your new country of citizenship.

Alternatively, successful applicants can qualify for citizenship by making a nonrefundable contribution into the government’s economic development fund. Although the initial outlay is less, the contribution is nonrefundable and produces no investment yield.

St Kitts and Nevis Citizenship by Investment

St Kitts is a long standing tax haven country located in the Eastern Caribbean. It was also the first country in the world to establish citizenship by investment. As a result, many other countries have used St Kitts and Nevis as the inspiration for their citizenship by investment programs.

In addition, the country has granted citizenship to thousands of qualified applicants since its inception in 1984. St Kitts citizens enjoy tax free status on all their personal income, no inheritance tax, wealth tax or gift tax.

Furthermore, the twin island federation offers very strict banking laws which protect your privacy in all financial matters. St Kitts and Nevis citizens also benefit from local registration of companies and trusts. Banking secrecy is paramount to the St Kitts tax haven.

The St Kitts passport also offers visa free travel to 157+ countries including all of the Schengen area plus the UK, Russia and all the major Asian financial centers such as Hong Kong and Singapore.

St Kitts Real Estate Benefits

Share ownership in a real estate investment trust provides St Kitts citizenship investors with superior privacy protection. Indeed, the purchase is confidential since your name will not appear in the public land registry. Ownership of the property is in the name of the trust.

As a result, the privacy of your family is more secure. There is no public record that would reveal the identity of anyone who used a St Kitts real estate investment to qualify for citizenship.

The St Kitts and Nevis government will allow citizenship applicants to sell the property at the end of the 7 year holding period to a new applicant for the citizenship program. As a result, you are able to recoup your capital while retaining your passport in perpetuity. Plus, proceeds from the hotel’s profit sharing program are tax free.

Park Hyatt St Kitts, Best citizenship by investment countries
Park Hyatt St Kitts

Park Hyatt St Kitts

Since the grand opening in 2017, Park Hyatt St Kitts has become well established as a citizenship by investment opportunity approved by the St Kitts government. Park Hyatt St Kitts features a prime location in Banana Bay adjacent to world famous Christophe Harbour.

The Park Hyatt hotel brand is world renown. As a result, their established client base supports dividend yields for share holders. In addition to the hotel’s profit sharing program, investors receive free use of the property for seven days per year.

Dominica Citizenship by Investment

In 1993, the Commonwealth of Dominica became the world’s second citizenship by investment country. The Dominica citizenship program has an excellent reputation due to the government’s strict due diligence standards.

Dominica passport holders are welcome to visit the Schengen countries, UK, Russia, China and also the Asian financial centers such as Hong Kong and Singapore.

In addition, Dominica has no inheritance tax, wealth tax or gift taxes. Dominica citizens pay no tax on international income if they are non residents or reside on the island for less than 183 days per year.

The Financial Times CBI index has ranked Dominica as the best citizenship by investment country in the world in each of the past 6 years. Dominica is indeed the first choice for high net worth individuals seeking the benefits of second citizenship.

Dominica Real Estate Investment Options

The island of Dominica offers its natural splendor to their faithful tourist base from Europe and the US. They come to Dominica to see the unique flora and fauna such as a resident population of sperm whales that lives offshore, endangered turtles visit the island every year to nest, there are over 1200 plant species on the island and it is home to the endemic Sisserou Parrot.

The beautiful natural environment in Dominica encourages more tourists to visit and increases the length of their stay on the island. As a result, luxury real estate is in high demand to support the tourist industry.

These same real estate developments pay high dividend yields to investors who used the property as an investment for citizenship. In addition, a purchase of real estate offers attractive price advantages to large families.

The required holding period is only 5 years, after which the investor can sell the property to a new citizenship applicant while retaining citizenship in perpetuity. This gives you the opportunity to recoup your investment capital along with the tax free dividend yields.

Jungle Bay Dominica, Faclities
Jungle Bay Eco Villa

Jungle Bay Eco-Villas

The best citizenship by investment countries provide citizenship applicants with real estate investment opportunities. A citizenship applicant that prefers freehold title ownership can find a suitable investment option in Dominica.

Jungle Bay Eco Villas allows investors to qualify for citizenship and receive freehold title to 1200 sq ft of land with a 400 sq foot luxury villa.

Jungle Bay is a long standing, profitable business with a well established customer base. Their annual income is stable with over 13 consecutive years of profitability. As a result, investors can expect a 5% annual dividend yield based on 70% occupancy levels.

Tax Benefits of Freehold Property

Enjoy free use of the unit for 7 days per year. In addition, owners can stay in the unit for up to 2 months per year at discounted rates. Spending time in Dominica allows you to build a bona fide connection with the island which may be necessary for tax purposes.

Essentially, a Jungle Bay Villa will also provide you with a local street address. This will be very useful for new Dominica citizens that wish to establish local tax residency.

Support Climate Neutrality with Citizenship by Investment

Dominica is a citizenship by investment country that aims to be 100% carbon free by 2030. This lofty goal is highly attainable thanks to Dominica’s geothermal power sources which are located on the island. As a result, Dominica has excess natural resources available to supply the entire island with carbon free energy.

The energy conversion is happening in real time with the first carbon neutral power source coming online by the end of 2023. The project is projected to meet 90% of the island’s electricity demand. In addition, they plan to begin exporting excess power to neighboring islands.

This bodes well for all Dominica citizens. Revenue from the citizenship by investment program is essential to support the carbon free objectives set by the Dominica government. Therefore, investors in the citizenship program have the opportunity to help end global warming and protect the most beautiful Caribbean island from climate change.

Live and Work in the Best Citizenship Countries with CARICOM & OECS

The Caribbean Community (CARICOM) and the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) provide freedom of movement for citizens of all participating countries.

All of the best citizenship by investment countries are indeed members of CARICOM & OECS. Therefore, all citizens, including those who qualified through investment have the right to live and work in countries throughout the Caribbean, not only the country where you acquired citizenship.

For example, citizens of Dominica can migrate to St Kitts and Nevis where they would have the right to reside, open a local bank account, or seek employment.

There is no need to acquire residency permits or worry about annual renewals, fees et cetera. The same benefit is available for a citizen of St Kitts and Nevis who wants to live and work on Dominica.

Post Citizenship Support Services

Note we provide post citizenship services to ensure your transition to a new life offshore, with your new passport, will be as seamless as it can be.

Rest assured, we have completed the full process from start to finish. Therefore, we can advise you about a few supplementary steps.

This includes essential guidance to acquire your new tax identification number, local driver’s license, local address and other essentials you may not be aware of during the application process.

These tools will be necessary for you to establish a nexus to a more favorable tax jurisdiction.

Many citizenship by investment countries will require you to be physically present in the country to get the tax ID number. So if travel to the country is not a practical option for you, notify us in advance so we can present alternatives.

Acquire Citizenship by Investment with iGlobal

Start today on your path to global access and economic freedom. Protect your family, your wealth and your assets with a new passport from one of the world’s best citizenship by investment countries.

My partners and I have over 35+ years of experience working with the Caribbean citizenship programs.  As a result, we are well integrated with the local government agencies and real estate developers.

Rest assured we will help you accomplish your offshore objectives at the lowest possible cost with no complications.