Offshore Investment Ideas for 2023 and Beyond

Are you prepared for your offshore future? Aspiring expatriates and also those established outside their home country must have a sustainable plan for offshore investment. Otherwise, your dreams of perpetual travel and spending the rest of your life in cultural bliss are bound to fail.

Indeed, the first and foremost objective is wealth preservation. At a minimum you must be prepared in advance with second citizenship and an offshore company in a tax free jurisdiction. These components should be used in combination with some investing acumen. If done correctly, you can watch your investments grow while enjoying the offshore lifestyle.

My list of the best offshore investment ideas for expatriates is all inclusive. I reveal everything you need to know, including some good stock buys for 2023. Timing is essential for stock investors, so be on the lookout because the global economy is slowing which always creates some excellent buying opportunities.

iGlobal has Over 25 Years of Offshore Investment Experience

As a permanent expatiate who left the US over 12 years ago, I can assure you that digital nomads come and go. In addition, I hold over 25 years of valuable investing experience.

Beginning with the .COM internet stock bubble bursting in 2000, I have seen the clueless masses stumble and fall many times (including myself on occasion). Nonetheless, the Bitcoin debacle is just the latest example of total incompetence on a global scale.

I hate to say “I told you so” but I did. As I predicted in 2021, flocks of Bitcoin mavericks, Blockchain gurus and gadabouts are packing their bags as we speak. The much anticipated recession in 2023 is not even here yet! You can imagine the rush for the door when it actually arrives.

But for prudent investors, a global economic downturn is a buying opportunity. Naturally, I am referring to investments that actually have tangible value and pay dividends. In further benefit, if you are a follower on the iGlobal blog, you will be free of income, dividend and capital gains tax. 

To avoid the insolvency trap which so many neophytes have repeatedly fallen into, invest wisely in a credible offshore investment portfolio.

But be prepared because if the stock market turns on you – to paraphrase the renown investor George Soros – “sell first and ask questions later”. That way you live to fight another day, new buying opportunities always return.

List of Offshore Investment Ideas for 2023

Sustainable investments in second citizenship, real estate assets, commodities and other tangible stores of wealth are required to permanently expatriate. Pay as you go with these reliable sources of offshore revenue complimented by 0% income tax rate.

Enjoy reading about the best offshore investment ideas for 2023 and beyond in my post below. Continue→

  1. Buy Physical Stocks of Gold Bullion
  2. Invest in These Publicly Traded Gold Mining Stocks
  3. Investment in This Publicly Traded Oil Company
  4. Convert US Dollars to Singapore Dollars
  5. Invest in This Publicly Traded Nuclear Energy Company
  6. Get Second Citizenship When You Buy Real Estate
  7. Offshore Company & Trust Formation
  8. Establish Yourself Offshore with iGlobal

Offshore Investment in Physical Stocks of Gold Bullion

Gold bullion kept in the form of bars, ingots and coins is a store of value that is literally as old as the hills. Prudent investors save up over time, accumulating physical gold and storing it in a safe place such as a safety deposit box.

Rest assured that living offshore is in no way a deterrent for buying gold bullion. In fact, it is much safer than keeping your wealth onshore, especially in the US. Do you trust your US bank? They have been pedaling your personal information out the back door for years.

The point is that keeping your wealth offshore in a physical form is a prudent idea. Safe deposit boxes are economical and confidential. In addition, perhaps you could get an exception to FBAR reporting? Good luck with that :-).

To be fair, there are some downside aspects of holding physical gold bullion compared to buying stock in a mining company. This includes the storage fees. You will also pay a premium when you buy and sell it. Plus, physical gold does not pay a dividend yield.

Nonetheless, an offshore investment in physical gold bullion is the ultimate store of value. Furthermore, you are prepared against the collapse of any currency, not just the US dollar. Therefore, prudent offshore investors will buy some physical gold. Trust me, you will be glad you did!   

Offshore Investment in Publicly Traded Gold Mining Stocks

It is especially easy to open an offshore trading account, especially if you have already set up offshore tax residency in a favorable jurisdiction. As a result, you can also invest in gold by buying stock in multinational mining companies.

Using a mining company as a proxy, you can save on storage costs when you invest in gold stocks. In addition, you can enjoy the dividend payments. Plus, with some prudent market timing (such as now) you will certainly be accumulating tax free capital gains in the future.

Two Gold Stocks to Consider for 2023

B2Gold Corporation: trading symbol BTG on the US stock exchange and trading as BTO on the Toronto Stock Exchange. Company headquarters are in Toronto, Canada. B2Gold has ample liquidity and has a highly profitable gold mining operation based in Mali. Their low operating costs have them well positioned to hedge against the demise of the US dollar. Also, enjoy a stable dividend yield which is currently at about a 5% per annum.

Barrick Gold Corporation: trading symbol GOLD on the NYSE. Company headquarters in Toronto, Canada. Barrick is the world’s second largest gold mining company. Their revenues are well diversified with mining operations in 18 different countries worldwide. The revenue base is further diversified with 20% coming from copper mining. As a result, copper revenues improve when the global economy strengthens. Their well established dividend is currently paying out at 5% yield per annum.

Offshore Investment in This Publicly Traded Oil Company

This suggestion may not sound ESG friendly, but the authorities on ESG would be Western democratic governments. Since their plan to become carbon neutral is based on a fantasy, offshore investors have got to look out for themselves.

Instead of taking prudent steps to reduce their carbon emissions, Western governments will continue to procrastinate and just blame Russia for everything. Rest assured that the deities of Western science will continue to emit carbon to their heart’s content.

As usual, all bets have been placed on some miracle in the future. But if the light at the end of the tunnel is a train, expatriates would be well advised to take matters into their own hands. Hedge your bets!

The silver lining is that (outside the US at least) oil companies have been investing in alternate energy sources. They are also being punished with windfall taxes. This volatility creates buying opportunities. 

Since the EU will exacerbate the energy shortage with their ill thought out price cap on Russian oil, the upside for oil stocks is likely here to stay. There will also be a resurgence of energy based inflation on the horizon in 2023.

The Best Oil & Gas Stock to Consider for 2023

GeoPark Limited: trading symbol GPRK on the NYSE. HQ is based in Bogota, Columbia. GeoPark Limited has a very strong balan<p style=”text-align: center;”><span style=”font-family: tahoma, arial, helvetica, sans-serif; font-size: 14pt;”>Email: <a href=”mailto:[email protected]”>[email protected]</a><br />Telegram: @globalpassports</span></p>
<p> </p>ce sheet going into 2023. This is the result of their aggressive debt reduction efforts which will bode well for long term investors.

In addition, their price to earnings ratio is a strikingly low 4x. The low PE ratio is due to recent local elections which instilled a tax friendly government administration in Columbia. As anticipated, they did target Colombia’s oil & gas industry for higher tax. However, this is already priced in to the share price creating an excellent buying opportunity.

In addition to their low earnings valuation, their dividend yield currently pays a respectable 3.5% per annum. Furthermore, they have made significant investments in solar power. This is in anticipation of a carbon neutral world, despite the retrogression coming from Europe and the US.

Last but not least, a significant portion of GeoPark’s revenues come from natural gas. Carbon emissions from natural gas are about 50% lower than oil. As a result, you can have the best of both worlds with an investment in GeoPark Limited.

Convert US Dollars to Singapore Dollars

The Singapore Dollar (SGD) is an excellent hedge against the long overdue depreciation in the USD, not only in East Asia but worldwide. It could be called the Swiss Franc of Asia, but without Switzerland’s shady investment banks (See Credit Suisse) and historic double dealing that still haunts their prize currency.

On the bright side, Singapore has maintained a huge current account surplus for many years running. Although several East Asian countries such as the Japan, China and South Korea also boast huge account surpluses and USD currency reserves, the SGD has still dramatically outperformed against their currencies.

At the core of their success is Singapore’s central bank and regulatory authority – known as the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) – which has prudently managed the economy over many decades. As a result, the banking system is sound. Rest assured, SGD fundamentals make buying some Singapore dollars a wise choice for the future.

In further benefit, individuals or companies are able to obtain multi-currency offshore bank accounts in Singapore. Plus, at the time of writing you can earn over 3.2% interest on a SGD 12 month time deposit. In addition, online wealth management services are available including having your stock trading account connected to your Singapore bank account.

Invest in Publicly Traded Uranium Mining Companies

Despite the meltdown at the nuclear reactors in Fukushima caused by the 2011 tsunami, uranium is now back in vogue. Popular sentiment has indeed turned against the risks of nuclear waste storage in addition to the potential hazards of meltdowns caused by war and natural disasters. What happened?

Similar to petroleum fuels, Western science has been forced to implicitly admit they have no credible plan to replace nuclear power and still hit their carbon reduction targets. As a result, they cannot get by without the benefits of uranium power generation for the foreseeable future. To make matters worse, Western governments have also sanctioned Russian uranium supplies.

This has very predictably created a global imbalance between available uranium stocks and the power generation needs of utility companies worldwide; especially in Europe, Japan and the US.

The Best Uranium Stock to Consider for 2023

Cameco Corporation: trading symbol CCJ on NYSE. Headquartered in Saskatoon, Canada. Cameco is the world’s largest uranium mining company with the world’s largest low cost mining operations worldwide.

Fortunately for Western utilities, in Cameco, they will have a sanction free uranium supply source to restock their reactors. In further benefit, their desperation for unsanctioned supply will boost Cameco’s earnings for the foreseeable future.

In addition, Cameco recently completed a merger with Westinghouse Electric Company, one of the world’s leading nuclear services businesses. As a result, Cameco will be well positioned as a vertically integrated uranium supply source.

You can think long term when you buy stock in Cameco, they have an excellent long standing management team and they are well situated to ride out any form of unexpected volatility.

Offshore Investment in InterContinental Dominica Resort & Spa

Real estate is similar to gold in that it has always been a reliable store of wealth. However, when you invest in government approved Caribbean real estate there are additional benefits such as second citizenship. In addition:

  1. When you purchase qualified real estate you will also obtain a new passport.
  2. Sell the property at the end of the five year holding period to a new citizenship applicant.
  3. Earn a respectable 5% investment yield during the holding period.
  4. When you sell the investment, you recoup your investment capital while retaining citizenship in perpetuity.
  5. Enjoy 0% income tax, no inheritance tax, no wealth tax or capital gains tax.
  6. Your second passport comes with an abundance of visa free travel opportunities including all of Europe, UK, Ireland and offshore financial centers such as Hong Kong and Singapore.
  7. Obtain a politically neutral passport to serve as your offshore investment vehicle for the future.
Cabrits Kempinski Dominica Resort & Spa (offshore investment)
InterContinental Dominica Resort & Spa

Invest in CBI Approved InterContinental Dominica

The #1 ranked citizenship by investment program for 6 years running according to the Financial Times newspaper is the Commonwealth of Dominica. At the moment, the best real estate development with which you can use to qualify for Dominica citizenship is InterContinental Dominica Resort & Spa.

You cannot go wrong when you partner with the best real estate developer in the Caribbean in combination with a world renown management brand such as InterContinental. Most of all, you will relish the benefits of lifetime citizenship on a beautiful Caribbean Island.

Also consider that Dominica has abundant geothermal resources. In fact, by the end of 2023 over 90% of the Dominica’s residential population will be served by geothermal power sources. In addition, the island is planning to be 100% carbon neutral by the year 2030. Rest assured they are well on track to achieve their ambitious climate goals.

New citizens can also enjoy access to the island by way of the new intercontinental airport slated for completion in 2025. Your offshore investment in Dominica real estate will contribute significantly to the fight against climate change. Plus, you earn a respectable investment yield.  

Nevis Company & Nevis Asset Protection Trust

Once you obtain second citizenship in a favorable jurisdiction such as Dominica, you can use offshore companies for protection from tax and liability. The company business operations can serve any lawful purpose including real estate ownership, stock holding plus gold bullion storage. Or you can transfer your existing business and convert to a Nevis LLC or Nevis Corporation (IBC).

In case you were not aware, the jurisdiction of Nevis, is part of the twin island federation of Saint Christopher and Nevis (St Kitts and Nevis). However, Nevis has tax laws and banking regulations which are exclusive from its sister island. As a result, Nevis companies pay no income tax on international income sources.

In addition, Nevis is a very favorable legal jurisdiction which makes it very difficult for a creditor or any other plaintiff to prevail in a lawsuit against a Nevis Company.

A Nevis Company used in combination with second citizenship, is the most formidable legal obstacle and a tax free offshore investment vehicle. But there is more!

When additional asset security is warranted, a Nevis Trust can further secure your assets and make them inaccessible to any outside entity or individual. This includes the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) which has failed when trying to crack a Nevis Trust.

Establish Yourself Offshore with iGlobal

Moving yourself and your assets offshore is not nearly as complicated as it seems. iGlobal provides clients the opportunity to take control of their own lives. Regardless if you are chairman of a multi-million dollar company or have your assets under management, you can take control when you move offshore.

Rest assured that we have walked in your shoes on the path to global access and economic freedom. The steps outlined, most notably second citizenship with offshore company and trust will secure your assets and allow for a lifetime of tax free income.

Also consider the value of investing in fundamentally sound publicly traded companies that are well positioned to face a weakening global economy. Contact me today to secure your family, your wealth and your freedom in the most favorable offshore jurisdiction.