What is the Best Second Citizenship for Chinese Nationals?

The ZERO COVID exit process remains a harsh reality not only for Mainland China, but also Hong Kong and Macau SARs. As a result, wealthy Chinese are increasingly concerned with the resulting market chaos. But there are indeed many additional reasons why second citizenship for Chinese Nationals is wisely sought after.

In addition to free falling asset prices, a looming wealth redistribution plus the uncertainty across the Taiwan Strait adds to the dilemma. What does the future hold? These things will certainly get worse before they get better. Second citizenship is the only effective option for wealthy Chinese.

Small Countries Offering Second Citizenship Can Be Risky 

So what is the best option for a fast, secure second passport? In the past 10 years, some Caribbean countries and especially Vanuatu have been the most popular second citizenship programs for rich Chinese nationals. However, recent developments in certain CIP programs have exposed security risks.

The problem is that small countries can be easily intimidated by those with more powerful economies. This includes not only China but also the European Union and of course the US government.

Unfortunately, threats of economic sanctions or removal of visa free access can result in extra judicial revocation of citizenship – buyer beware. As a result, applicants for second citizenship, and especially politically exposed Chinese nationals, must choose wisely! 

The Best Second Citizenship for Chinese Nationals

It makes perfect sense to choose a strong country for your second citizenship. The strongest option with an easily accessible citizenship by investment program is Turkey. Rest assured, a powerful country such as Turkey cannot be intimidated by other large foreign countries. Therefore, Chinese nationals can obtain the security and global access that they must have.

In addition, Turkey will approval or reject your citizenship application based on independent review. This means that even a sanctioned individual has the opportunity to pursue Turkish citizenship. Turkey does not recognize unilateral sanctions.

Neither can Turkey be threatened with suspension of Schengen visa free access since the EU still has not granted visa free access to Turkish citizens. As a result, a Chinese national with second citizenship from Turkey has a secure Plan B in place. When the time comes, your family and your wealth will receive unequivocal security.

Furthermore, the constitution of Turkey has enshrined the Turkish CIP within. This strong constitutional protection guarantees a Chinese national has the same protections as a fellow Turk who has a Turkish mother or father.

Buy Deeded Real Estate to Qualify for Turkish Citizenship

Safety and security are essential, but what else does Turkish citizenship provide? Turkey combines their best real estate assets with the country’s historical prestige and culture to give applicants the high value benefits that they deserve. What do I mean by this?

Consider that you can qualify for Turkish citizenship by way of investment in residential real estate with deeded title. This comes with multiple benefits such as the option to reside in the beautiful city of Istanbul.

However, if you are unable to reside there, we also offer rental service agreements that pay up to a 8% investment yield. The Turkish CIP provides you with ample flexibility to suite your personal situation. It is a win~win proposition.

In further benefit, the holding period is only three years. This means that you can sell the property to recoup your capital while retaining Turkish citizenship in perpetuity. You and your family have Turkish citizenship for life – guaranteed.

We will safely guide you through every step to acquire Turkish citizenship by way of real estate. Starting with your first day in Istanbul, our agent will meet you at your hotel to transport you to the view qualified real estate developments. We then guide you through every step of the citizenship application process. After three years, contact us to sell the property for the highest possible price.

Last but not least, we guarantee to repurchase your property after the holding period at the current market value. You are assured of getting your investment back at the best possible price.

Visa Benefits of Second Citizenship from Turkey

The Turkish passport allows visa free, eVisa or visa on arrival to 110+ destinations. This includes nearly all the countries of South America, also Japan, South Korea, South Africa, Singapore and Hong Kong. In addition, enjoy visa free travel to all the largest economies in Central Asia.

But for those who wish to immigrate to the United States, you will be delighted to learn that Turkey is an E-2 Visa country. As a result, a citizen of Turkey can use their E-2 visa eligibility to live and work in the United States with their spouse and children under 21 years of age.

Furthermore, there are no nationality backlogs which can delay US immigration for many decades. Nor does the E-2 visa come with the enormous price tag attached to the EB-5 immigrant visa.

The E-2 non immigrant visa is indeed the most secure option for US immigration purposes. Rest assured that US E-2 visa eligibility is included with Turkish citizenship at no extra charge. This makes Turkish citizenship the best second citizenship for Chinese nationals which allows US immigration and much more.

*Includes Visa free, eVisa, Visa on Arrival, US E-2 Visa Eligibility. Interactive map.

Chinese Nationals Choose iGlobal for Second Citizenship

Our Chinese clients appreciate confidentiality and security. iGlobal is an independent agent authorized to work directly with the Turkish citizenship program. There are no intermediaries where your privacy can be compromised.

In addition, we offer post citizenship services which allow you to seamlessly open offshore bank accounts, investment accounts and acquire local essentials such as tax identification numbers, street address and much more. 

All communication channels are secure, we do not use methods which can compromise your data. This is because iGlobal would never transmit your information using Whatsapp or other insecure connections.

Furthermore, we have no ties with foreign governments. There is no information sharing with the US government, neither is there any requirement to notify your country of citizenship concerning your application.

From the first email inquiry, to the day we place your passports in your hand, your information is never compromised.