Second Citizenship for Russians in Less Than 90 Days

Second citizenship for Russians was legalized by the Russian government in 2020. As a result, Russian citizens may quickly acquire a new passport with certainty, using our time tested methods. Rest assured, these options are still available despite new nationality restrictions on some competing citizenship programs.  

The timing of the Russian government to permit second citizenship is ideal. Thanks to the war in Ukraine, second citizenship is indeed essential for Russian Nationals. This is especially true for Russians residing overseas or doing business outside of Russia. Fortunately, you can still protect your family, your wealth and your freedom with second citizenship.

Several citizenship options to consider include: Grenada, Vanuatu and also Turkiye. Participation in these programs is the same for Russians as any other applicant. Political neutrality is essential.

To apply for second citizenship, a Russian applicant only needs to demonstrate no criminal history, a clean medical certificate and valid source of funds. You must also make the required investment into the local economy. Once done, you can have new citizenship within 1-3 months.

List of Second Citizenship Options for Russians

  1. Grenada Citizenship by Investment
  2. Vanuatu Citizenship by Investment
  3. Turkish Citizenship by Investment
  4. Dependable Post Citizenship Services
  5. Russians Trust iGlobal for Second Citizenship

Grenada Citizenship for Russians

Russians seeking Grenada citizenship, should use the US $220,000 real estate investment to qualify. In further benefit, you can obtain a 4-5% investment yield during the holding period. Plus, sell the property after five years to recover your investment capital while retaining the Grenada passport in perpetuity.

In addition, Grenada is an excellent choice for both single applicants and also large families. As a result, the main applicant can bring along extended family including parents, grandparents, and siblings over 18 years of age. But Grenada citizenship also allows you to live and work in the US with the US E-2 visa

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List of Grenada Citizenship Benefits

  1. Sell the investment after the five year holding period;
  2. Visit over 144+ countries and destinations visa free including Russia, China, UK and also the Schengen area. 
  3. Obtain US E-2 Visa eligibility to live and work inside the US;
  4. Grenada has no personal income tax, inheritance tax or wealth tax;
  5. Get Lifetime Grenada citizenship;
  6. Earn a 4-5% investment yield;
  7. Dual citizenship is permitted;
  8. Live and work in any CARICOM or OECS country with Grenada citizenship.

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However, inventory is low, Six Senses, Grenada has an estimated 4-5 weeks of availability left.

Vanuatu Citizenship for Russians

The Vanuatu citizenship option for Russians has certain advantages to consider. The price is very appealing which starts at US $130,000 + US $5,000 for due diligence. In addition, the due diligence fee only applies one time to the main applicant.

In further benefit, Vanuatu offers an accelerated approval which is included in the price. Therefore, you can have your Vanuatu passport within 30-60 days.

In further consideration, Vanuatu has no corporate income tax and no personal income tax, no capital gains tax or inheritance taxes. Banking secrecy laws are strictly enforced on Vanuatu, your accounts are kept confidential.

List of Vanuatu Citizenship Benefits

  1. Vanuatu is a legitimate tax haven country;
  2. Optimize your tax residency with the Vanuatu passport;
  3.  Visa free travel to Russia, plus China visa waiver agreement expected to be completed within 2022;
  4. Streamlined government approval process;
  5. New real estate investment options have been approved at US $200,000;
  6. Buy beach front property in Vanuatu which also includes private islands;
  7. Offshore company set up, trust formation and banking;
  8. Enjoy Vanuatu culture and unique natural attractions;
  9. Dual citizenship is permitted while retaining your original passport;
  10. No residency requirements to obtain Vanuatu citizenship, it is also not necessary to visit the island during the application process.

Turkish Citizenship for Russians

First, consider the relative weakness of the Turkish Lira in comparison to the strength of the Russian Ruble, this makes Turkish citizenship a compelling option for Russians to consider. Indeed, Turkiye also offers a compelling residency option on the Mediterranean coast.

Therefore, you can escape the Russian winter to live in your investment property. In further benefit, the same investment property can be used to qualify for Turkish citizenship.

Turkish Citizenship Investment Options (Priced in USD) 

  1. $500,000 minimum in fixed capital contribution.
  2. $400,000* minimum value of purchased property (can be residential, industrial, commercial or land).
  3. $500,000 minimum investment into venture capital fund shares or real estate investment fund shares.
  4. Invest sufficient funds to create jobs for a minimum of 50 people as attested by the Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Services.
  5. $500,000 minimum investment into Turkish government bonds.
  6. Invest $500,000 into a Turkish bank account.

*Increased from $250,000 effective June 15, 2022.

Turkish Citizenship Benefits for Russians

  1. Applicant can purchase residential property to qualify;
  2. Turkish Lira depreciation increases value of Russian Ruble;
  3. High interest rates for bank deposits in local currency;
  4. Turkiye offers US E-2 Visa eligibility, so qualified investors may live and work inside the United States;
  5. US E-2 visa also allows applicants to bring their spouse and children under 21 years of age to live in the US;
  6. Turkish culture, historical significance and appealing Mediterranean climate;
  7. Istanbul is a major air transportation hub;
  8. Access to the Black Sea in addition to the Bosporus Strait;
  9. Reside in your location of choice including Istanbul;
  10. Russians will enjoy friendly relations with local Turks compared to Western European countries;
  11. Turkish citizenship by investment is enshrined in the constitution by presidential decree, law number 5901.

Post Citizenship Services

New citizenship is an essential component of your offshore planning. However, secondary connections to your new citizenship country are also essential to have. As a result, you will be well prepared for offshore banking, CRS tax reporting, new residency applications and much more. 

List of New Citizenship Essentials

  1. Local driver’s license;
  2. Residential street address;
  3. Tax identification number with government certification letter;
  4. Local SIM card with phone bill;
  5. Utility bill for address verification;
  6. Offshore company formation with bank account (if applicable).

Russians Trust iGlobal for Second Citizenship

My partners and I have years of experience working with citizenship programs including the three citizenship programs outlined above. As a result, you can rest assured we will accomplish your objectives in the most efficient and cost effective manner possible. 

In further benefit, we have walked in your shoes on the path to second citizenship. Our advice and professional recommendations are based on the success of personal experience. Whether it is offshore company formation, personal bank accounts, business banking offshore, tax residency or investments, iGlobal is your partner for the future. Contact me today to get your second citizenship.