Vanuatu Passport: 10 Pros and Cons of the Vanuatu CIP

Is the Vanuatu passport a valuable investment opportunity? The answer is unequivocally yes. Since you deserve fast processing and a streamlined application in addition to an unbiased evaluation of your qualifications, the Vanuatu passport by investment is well worth your kind consideration.

Vanuatu does indeed have a myriad of benefits for you to choose from. Consider that it is a peaceful tax haven with no standing military. As a result, there is no risk of conscription for you or your family. This is a priceless asset to obtain since political neutrality is so hard to find in these uncertain times.

In further benefit, consider their all inclusive price offering. So you can get your Plan B Vanuatu Passport without hidden costs and fees. Here is everything you need to know about Vanuatu citizenship and investment. 

Brief Introduction to the Vanuatu Passport

Start with the political neutrality of a small island nation located in the Southwest end of the Pacific Ocean. What a great location for an inviting tax haven that offers a passport by investment program.

You will find peace of mind in beautiful Vanuatu. Bring along your family to the safest place on earth, free from income tax discrimination, war, crime and especially political adversity.

Indeed, Vanuatu has not followed suit with other citizenship by investment countries to ban Russians and Belorussians. Neither does the Vanuatu government block Chinese or Ukrainian nationals from applying for their citizenship program.

Just the same, you will get a fair opportunity to contribute to the local economy. As a result, all can benefit from the political neutrality you will obtain with the Vanuatu passport.

Rest assured that if you have a clean background, verifiable source of funds and you can provide a medical certificate, you can invest in Vanuatu. Join us to prosper from global access and security with a clean conscience.

Vanuatu Passport PROS & CONS List

  1. Tax Advantages with Vanuatu Passport – PRO
  2. Streamlined Vanuatu Citizenship Application – PRO
  3. Real Estate Investment Option – PRO
  4. Political Neutrality of Vanuatu – PRO
  5. Suspension of Schengen Visa Free Travel – CON
  6. Vanuatu Tax Haven Benefits – PRO
  7. Offshore Company, Trust Formation and Banking – PRO
  8. Unique Vanuatu Culture and Natural Attractions – PRO
  9. Oath Taking Ceremony for Vanuatu Passport (Travel Requirements) – CON
  10. New Improvements to Vanuatu Passport Program – PRO
  11. Choose the Vanuatu Passport for Global Access

PRO – Eliminate Income Tax with Vanuatu Passport

The island nation of Vanuatu has no personal income tax, neither does it have any business tax, capital gains tax or inheritance tax. As a result, all Vanuatu citizens and companies will eliminate income tax obligations by investing in Vanuatu.

For further consideration, there are no tax brackets, no income tax threshold or other forms of discrimination. High net worth individuals are welcomed in Vanuatu, not antagonized by over reaching populist politicians trying to please their political base.    

In addition, proper tax planning allows new citizens to obtain Vanuatu tax residency status. By properly using the Vanuatu passport to register for bank accounts, apply for foreign residency applications, company formation and business travel it is possible to build a nexus with your new country.

But also, obtain a local driver’s license, tax identification number, SIM card with phone bills and street address. Therefore, it is possible to build an unequivocal connection for valid tax residency status.

Furthermore, choose your country of residency carefully. It does not necessarily need to be Vanuatu. Indeed, there are many countries with territorial taxation systems that could allow you to live tax free by way of the Vanuatu passport.   

PRO – Streamlined Vanuatu Citizenship Application

Citizenship applications are complex, however Vanuatu has worked diligently to create a speedy approval process. As a result, you can have your Vanuatu passport within 1-2 months. Essentially, the streamlined application documents are the primary component which eliminates duplication. Therefore, it is relatively fast and easy.

In further benefit, the fast approval process in Vanuatu does not impose additional costs. Note the extra efficiency is already included in the price. To compare, in competing Caribbean countries such as St Kitts and Nevis, accelerated approval with a similar processing time frame requires an additional $25,000 per application.

  1. Letter of Acceptance (step one) – At the outset, the $5,000 due diligence fee is submitted to the Vanuatu Financial Intelligence unit (FIU) in addition to all of the step one documents. Vanuatu FIU only requires 7-10 days to execute their due diligence protocol. After which the letter of acceptance is issued by the FIU. In comparison, competing programs require a minimum of 60-90 days or more for this stage of the application.
  2. Vanuatu Citizenship Commission (step two) – The letter of acceptance with all remaining application documents is submitted to the Vanuatu Citizenship Commission. Our success rate for applications that reach step two is 100%. Additionally, the commission sits once per month. Therefore, final approval will be issued within 30 days. 

PRO – New Real Estate Investment Options

Prior to July 23, 2021, the Vanuatu passport by investment program was without a real estate investment option. However, this changed when the government approved four real estate projects on the Island of Efate.

The location is ideal as Efate is the primary destination for the tourists which these upcoming resorts will serve. Additionally, there are daily flights from Efate to outer islands. Furthermore, Port Vila, the national capital of Vanuatu is also located there.

The island is indeed the tourist hub of Vanuatu hosting over 60,000 annual visitors, a number which is sure to increase with the opening of these new accommodations.

Four Approved Real Estate Investment Options

  1. Pacific Springs – situated at Rentabao on the island of Efate;
  2. Narpow Point Coral Bay” – situated at Narpow Point on the island of Efate;
  3. FPF Rainbow City Project – situated at Narpow Point on the island of Efate;
  4. Milai – situated on the island of Espiritu Santo.

For new citizenship applicants, the addition of the real estate investment options creates an attractive investment alternative. With a minimum investment amount of $200,000, you the main applicant and your family can use it to qualify for Vanuatu citizenship.

In further benefit, the investment you made into the property is redeemable because it is possible to sell your ownership rights at the end of the holding period. As a result, you may recover your investment capital while retaining the Vanuatu passport in perpetuity.

It may also be possible to obtain an investment yield during the holding period by way of a profit sharing program. Contact me to discuss real estate investment opportunities in Vanuatu.

PRO – Vanuatu Passport is Politically Neutral

Vanuatu is considered by some global publications to be one of the happiest places on earth. There is indeed a lot to like about a tropical paradise where the local economy largely relies on subsistence agriculture. It has attributes similar to the Garden of Eden, where food grows naturally and aesthetic pursuits are in vain. 

So what is the real source of happiness on Vanuatu? This natural paradise is also politically neutral. As a result, political neutrality goes far beyond the Western Hemisphere. It extends to China, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and beyond. Vanuatu has no enemies :-).

Vanuatu remains an outlier that did not buckle under pressure from western governments. Therefore, citizens of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus have not been banned from applying for Vanuatu citizenship by investment.

Furthermore, Vanuatu has a very good relationship with the Chinese government. This is reflected in a visa-waiver agreement expected to be implemented within 2022. After which Vanuatu citizens will be able to enter China visa free; but also Chinese tourists can come to Vanuatu without a visa.             

CON – Suspension of Schengen Visa Free Travel

Why is Vanuatu’s visa free access to the Schengen area suspended? It is because the EU has taken issue with several primary components of the Vanuatu passport program.

List of Vanuatu Passport Problems Identified by EU:

  1. Due Diligence Protocols – Vanuatu’s extremely fast approval time creates uncertainty about the credibility of their very low rejection rate.
  2. Lack of Residency Requirements – No requirement to reside in Vanuatu or to ever visit the island during the application process.
  3. No Disclosure to Applicant’s Home Country – Applicant information is not shared with the home countries of applicants.
  4. Interpol Database Oversight – Apparently, Vanuatu citizenship was granted to some applicants that were listed in Interpol Databases (after they cleared Vanuatu due diligence). 
  5. EU Visa Requirements – Some successful applicants were from countries requiring a visa before entering the Schengen area.  

These issues have resulted in the Vanuatu passport program coming under scrutiny from the European Union. As a result, Vanuatu’s Schengen visa free access was suspended for a period of 9 months.

At the end of the 9 month period, the suspension will be reviewed. Hopefully, the EU will grant leniency provided that the Vanuatu government has complied by making their recommended adjustments.

PRO – Vanuatu Tax Haven Benefits

As someone who has successfully escaped the global tax net, I would welcome you to join me in Vanuatu. Essentially, Vanuatu is a legitimate tax haven. Wouldn’t you like to obtain lifetime tax haven benefits? You can accomplish this with the Vanuatu passport. However, legitimacy is everything for those who are seeking a peaceful, stress free lifestyle.

Vanuatu is indeed a bona fide CRS signatory country which has never imposed corporate or personal income tax on their citizens. As a result, you have the potential to be free from local and international income tax, but without looking over your shoulder for the tax collector.

We provide everything you need to build your nexus to Vanuatu and legitimize your offshore lifestyle. Post citizenship services include a tax identification number, local driver’s license and you can even get a local street address. Therefore, you can be 100% tax free even if you prefer to maintain foreign tax residency.

It all starts with the Vanuatu passport program, build on the rock solid foundation of second citizenship to obtain economic freedom. We will guide you from start to finish to realize a tax free life, in a politically neutral country. There is safety and financial security for all in the Vanuatu tax haven.

PRO – Offshore Company, Trust Formation and Banking

Vanuatu has always maintained strict privacy laws for company formation, domestic and offshore trusts, plus offshore banking. To be clear, Vanuatu has no income tax for companies or individuals. As a result, domestic companies subject to VAT get most of the attention from local authorities.

On the other hand, international companies have limited or no registration requirements for the legal owners and their registered agents. Nonetheless, beneficial owners of international companies need to register with the government. However, in further benefit of your privacy, the Vanuatu government does not maintain an online registry.

List of Vanuatu Offshore Company Benefits

  1. International company registration is confidential.
  2. No currency exchange controls.
  3. Vanuatu maintains strict banking secrecy laws that impose prison terms for breaches of confidentiality to third parties.
  4. No local or international income tax.
  5. No audit requirements or annual filing requirements.
  6. Company financial documents can be held anywhere in the world, no requirement to only be in Vanuatu.
  7. Local presence of international banks and also easy account opening procedures.
  8. Excellent communication systems and experienced local service providers.
  9. Legal System is based on a combination of English and French common law. 

PRO – Unique Vanuatu Culture and Natural Attractions

Locals are known as Ni-Vanuatu who make up the majority population on the islands. In addition, 83 individual islands make up the archipelago that is Vanuatu which are spread out over 1300 square kilometers. As a result, you can expect adventure and diversity throughout.

The islands are volcanic in origin. Therefore, many volcanic remnants can be found such as caverns and lava tubes. This unique subterranean environment has created fresh water springs known as “blue holes” found around the islands.

In further benefit, adventure seekers can visit active volcanoes for viewing the lava lakes inside in addition to their surrounding moon landscapes. On the other hand, volcanoes have created a rich fertile black soil which is inducive for local agriculture.

Do you want to invest in Vanuatu real estate? Invest in your beachfront dream house or even purchase a private island in Vanuatu. Leasehold land ownership is available with long term 50-75 year renewable ownership rights.

List of Vanuatu Natural Attractions:

  1. Spectacular coral reefs for diving and snorkeling.
  2. Beach front property with long leasehold ownership opportunities.
  3. Unique volcanic geology found throughout the archipelago.
  4. Local languages include English, French and Bislama (local dialect).
  5. Fertile volcanic black soil inducive for high agricultural yields.
  6. Opportunity to buy private islands.
  7. Unique Ni-Vanuatu culture and language.
  8. Enjoy swimming in hidden fresh water springs known as “blue holes”.
  9. Abundance of beautiful beaches in tropical paradise.

CON – Oath Taking Ceremony for Vanuatu Passport (Travel Requirements)

Successful applicants must travel to the nearest Vanuatu consulate for the oath taking ceremony. Although Vanuatu offers a selection of 13 consulates to choose from, they are mostly situated in East Asia with only a few European locations. As a result, there are currently no Vanuatu consulates in the Americas.

At the consulate, a video call is arranged by the diplomatic officer with the commissioner of oaths in Vanuatu. The entire process will take 15 minutes. Upon completion, you will receive your passports by way of a reputable courier within 3-4 weeks.

List of Vanuatu Consulate Locations:

  1. Shanghai, China
  2. Athens, Greece
  3. Hong Kong SAR
  4. Beirut, Lebanon
  5. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  6. The Hague, Netherlands
  7. Noumea, New Caledonia
  8. Auckland, New Zealand
  9. Manila, Philippines
  10. Singapore, Singapore
  11. Colombo, Sri Lanka
  12. Cape Town, South Africa
  13. Targu Mures, Romania

PRO – New Improvements to Vanuatu Passport Program

As a recently initiated citizenship by investment program since 2017, Vanuatu is a new kid on the block. Therefore, the Vanuatu passport program encountered some obstacles, similar to other programs when they were first introduced.

However, the Vanuatu passport has retained its value thanks to the fast actions of the government. As a result, the process is now more secure for everyone involved including the applicant, the country of Vanuatu and especially foreign governments holding visa-waiver agreements with Vanuatu e.g. European Union.

Vanuatu Passport Program Improvements List:

  1. Passport validity period extended to ten years from five.
  2. Due diligence improvements also in progress to appease the EU.
  3. Oath taking ceremony conducted remotely, previously the commissioner of oaths would travel to the applicant at the expense of the applicant.
  4. Introduction of real estate investment program.
  5. China visa waiver agreement in progress, completion expected within 2022.
  6. Vanuatu constitution amended to allow dual citizenship.
  7. Successful applicants will receive the ordinary Vanuatu passport; since the “honorary” passport distinction has been removed from the certificate of naturalization.       

Choose the Vanuatu Passport for Global Access

My partners and I have 35+ years of experience working with the Caribbean citizenship by investment programs in addition to Vanuatu. As a result, you can rest assured we will be there to guide you every step of the way. This includes the initial application process and also post citizenship services.

You will accomplish your offshore objectives with cost effectiveness and efficiency; choose iGlobal as your guide to global citizenship. Contact me today to acquire global access and economic freedom.