Grenada CBI Luxury Hotel to Open in Late 2022

The Six Senses La Sagesse, Grenada CBI luxury hotel is a CBI approved five star property. As a result, investors have the added security of investing in a five star hotel to qualify for Grenada citizenship. The property can be sold at the end of the holding period (five years) while retaining Grenada citizenship in perpetuity. Additionally, potential buyers may include new applicants for the Grenada CBI program.

Hotel operations will be conducted by Six Senses Hotels Resorts Spas which is owned by IHG Hotels & Resorts. Six Senses is an internationally acclaimed hospitality brand focused on personal wellness and preservation of the natural environment.  

Additionally, Six Senses is working in partnership with the most successful property developer in the Eastern Caribbean. The developer has already completed two CBI approved five star resorts which are operating successfully on the islands of St Kitts and also Dominica.

These properties are fully authorized under their respective CBI programs and strongly endorsed by each nation’s prime minister. (Both properties were initially sold out, but some units have recently become eligible for resale.)

This collaboration of a successful developer and a unique globally established hospitality brand will be a winning combination for Grenada tourism and especially CBI shareholders. 

“Of course hospitality is never just about a place to stay. We want our places and spaces to help you reconnect and explore what it means to be mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally happy.”

Source: Six Senses CEO Neil Jacobs

Grand Opening of Six Senses La Sagesse, Grenada

Six Senses La Sagesse, Grenada is slated for opening at the end of 2022. However, the property is already accepting contributions from investors. As a result, investors can qualify now for Grenada citizenship by purchasing a share in Six Senses La Sagesse, Grenada for US$220,000.

Additionally, the clock will start ticking on the five year holding period as soon as approval is received from the Grenada CBIU. Plus, the profit sharing program allows CBI investors to show a return on their investment. This will significantly reduce the actual cost of Grenada citizenship.

Grenada CBI Luxury Hotel Benefits

  1. The island of Grenada is COVID free and has been successfully reopened for tourism since October 2020.
  2. Investors can sell their share to a new CBI applicant at the end of the five year holding period.
  3. Grenada citizenship includes US E-2 visa eligibility.
  4. The Grenada passport provides visa free access to 135+ global destinations including China.
  5. Grenada citizens have the right to live and work in any CARICOM country.
  6. Pay no tax on international income, no capital gains tax or inheritance tax.
  7. There is no requirement to visit Grenada during the application process or to ever reside there.
  8. No nationality restrictions to apply for Grenada citizenship.
  9. The Grenada Citizenship application approval ratio is over 91% (2020).
  10. The 10% down payment is fully refundable if your citizenship application is unsuccessful.

Grenada CBI Luxury Hotel with Six Senses Hospitality Brand

Six Senses hospitality is world renown. As a result, the new luxury hotel will benefit from an established global customer base. This includes benefiting as part of the IHG Hotel & Resort’s international marketing base and especially the group’s guest loyalty program.

In addition, the location of the hotel is a distinct competitive advantage. Six Senses La Sagesse, Grenada will be located in Saint David’s Parish in the SE portion of the island. In contrast, 90% of Grenada’s hotels are located in close proximity to Grand Anse Beach on the opposite side of the island.

This undeveloped part of SE Grenada features a pristine natural environment. As a result, guests at Six Senses La Sagesse will benefit from seclusion and privacy plus enjoy the Eastern Caribbean sunrise every morning.

Furthermore, the design of the resort features a 20% built up ratio. Indeed, the extra space is complimentary to the benefits of the natural environment. However, it is also ideal for the new era of social distancing. Indeed, the resort’s 100 units are spread out over 28 acres with 30 separate swimming pools. This creates an abundance of space for guests to enjoy which is conducive for long stays and repeat business.

Six Senses La Sagesse, Grenada Purchase Price

 ItemFamily of Four
Cost of Share US $220,000
Government Fees for Family of 4US $50,000
Due Diligence FeesUS $10,000
($5,000 per person age 17 and over)
Application FeesUS $6,000
(US $1,500 per person)
Processing FeesUS $4,000 (US $1,500 per person 17 years and older, US $500 per person <17 years old)
Share Registration FeesUS $8,800
Passport FeesUS $1,000 (US $250 per person)
Oath of Allegiance US $80 (US $20 per person)
Total CostUS $299,880

Application Process for Grenada CBI Luxury Hotel Program

  1. Applicant enters into iGlobal professional service agreement. 
  2. iGlobal completes preliminary due diligence and KYC (Know Your Client) processing. 
  3. Applicant completes reservation forms and also enters into a purchase and sale agreement for the property.
  4. The 10% down payment is collected. (Fully refundable if citizenship application is denied.)
  5. All the application forms are completed in addition to collection of the supporting documents.
  6. The complete application package is reviewed by our legal team.
  7. After thorough review, the complete package is submitted to the Grenada CBIU.
  8. Due diligence and all government fees are collected at this time.
  9. The government processing period begins (about 2-3 months).
  10. Grenada CBIU issues the application approval letter.
  11. The oath of allegiance is taken and the certificate of naturalization is procured by the Grenada government. 
  12. Full investment amount submitted to the developer.
  13. Passport fees and application are submitted to the department of immigration (2-3 weeks processing time). 
  14. Passport(s) and citizenship naturalization document(s) are sent to the applicant by reputable delivery service.