Global Citizenship in Four Steps

The 4 Steps to Global Citizenship

The concept of Global Citizenship is idealist and therefore the definition is not very well established. As a result, the definition I would expect from a contestant in the Ms. America pageant seems to be what most global travelers subscribe to – lots self centered babble smothered with juicy platitudes. To help fill the void with something meaningful, I have developed a definition for Global Citizenship that has four distinct elements.

I will first clarify that Global citizenship is only available for those who are economically competent. Thus, you have lived prudently and are prepared for the challenges. The four indispensable components are:

  1. Sustainable Global Travel
  2. Meaningful Contributions to Community Development
  3. 2nd Citizenship
  4. Supplemental Long Term Residency

Sustainable Global Travel

Extensive sustainable global travel outside your country of origin is imperative for your global citizenship education. “Sustainability” means your extensive travel is not debt funded, you travel because you have already become financially credible. Then you must learn to adapt to new and strange living environments. Be patient and learn about new cultures and etiquette, if so they will no longer seem so alien. From the outset, you are the alien. – please remember this.

Community Development

Global citizenship is a synergistic relationship with the entire planet. For centuries the west has prospered at the expense of the rest. Thus, making meaningful contributions to community development projects in undeveloped nations is highly recommended. Examples include providing private funding for new schools, plus community health programs and scholarships. Consequently, when displaying these global citizenship characteristics you will be welcomed by the global community instead of imposing yourself onto it.

Cambodia Global Citizenship Award
I am being presented with the Cambodia development medal of honor and a certificate.

Second Citizenship

A second passport must be acquired in order to travel freely as a global citizen. You have completed the first step and should have plenty of prospects for a new country of origin. First of all, decide how you will obtain the new passport. Options include birth, marriage or citizenship by investment. Obviously naturalization by birth is an option for your future children, but not you.

Citizenship by Investment

The most practical option is citizenship by investment. Many countries offer economic citizenship programs including the US. Fortunately for US passport holders many second citizenship possibilities still exist in the Caribbean, Asia and also Europe. However, time is of the essence due increasing migration obstacles from the US and other developed countries.

Foreign Residency

Of course, your new passport will permit you to live outside the borders of your new nationality. Therefore, it may be prudent to acquire foreign residency for a number of different reasons. For example, employment, banking, investment or access to health care are several concerns you may have. However, if you plan to live your life within the borders of your new nationality this is not necessary.

The Need for Global Citizenship

For centuries the erroneous foreign policy of the west has devastated those least capable of understanding it. Egregious examples include centuries of European colonialism, more recently the Vietnam war and invasion of Iraq.

However, passive foreign policy errors such as the Obama inspired “Arab Spring” are equally destructive. Spineless platitudes given to the downtrodden are deadly when the same hand offering them continues to enable their oppressors.

Furthermore, this passivity includes economic policy and agricultural subsidies. These policies have consequences that reach far outside the borders of the US and the EU. The result is famine and instability resulting in extremism which is now coming home to roost.