What is the Best Second Citizenship for Americans?

The best second citizenship for an American is practically any other citizenship than the one you currently have. There may be 3-4 low quality exceptions, such as when citizenship based income tax laws factor in. However, eliminating high income tax may no longer be the primary consideration for those who need to escape from Western “values”.

Nonetheless, suppose you throw the proverbial dart at the map, and acquire citizenship from wherever the dart lands. You will almost certainly be better off. No exaggeration is intended, or even necessary to make this point.

But it would be foolish to take such a gamble when there are perfectly sensible methods of acquiring second citizenship. Consider citizenship by ancestry, long term residency, marriage and a few others. However, the best citizenship for most Americans is through investment. Investment allows you to avoid risk and hasty decisions which can backfire.

Plus, you have the option to redeem your investment capital. How? Simply sell the acquiring citizenship investment after the minimum holding period. Get your money back while you and your family retain citizenship in perpetuity. Time is of the essence. Start today, because the best qualifying properties are selling fast.  

Why do Americans Need Second Citizenship Now?

Protect your family, your freedom and your wealth before it is too late. There is no sensible alternative if you remain in the US. Literally, if your son comes home from grammar school tomorrow and demands a sex change, would you be surprised? Probably not.

If the US government imposed a 30% wealth tax tomorrow on all high net worth individuals, would you be surprised? No. Trust me, it is time to leave. You should have already done it. 

So if you still know the difference between common sense and absurdity, you can no longer procrastinate. Rest assured, it is still possible to escape the senseless perversion of Western “values”.

In addition, give yourself a choice in regards to which government you are paying income tax to. Better yet, eliminate income tax altogether with some prudent planning.

To be effective, you need to factor in renunciation of US citizenship. It does not need to be immediate. However, once the most essential prerequisite is in hand, your second passport, you can complete the simple renunciation process at any time.

Make no mistake, second citizenship is essential. Without it, you will be subject to FATCA and FBAR wherever you are. For the foreseeable future, there is no hiding from US dollar hegemony and the long arm of the IRS, if you remain an American citizen that is.

Second citizenship secures the future by giving your kids a fighting chance to grow up in a legitimate culture, free of perversion and undue influence.   

Choose the Most Secure Second Citizenship

For security and sensible social values, Americans can rely on the Turkish citizenship by investment program. Since inception, the Turkish passport program has been incredibly popular for many reasons, not only security. This is especially true since they lowered the minimum investment amount to US $400,000 equivalent. 

For Americans, it is the best option because Turkey is very large country that has long been a powerhouse on the global stage. Essentially, Turkey cannot be bullied by the United States government or European Union. As a result, it has evolved to become your best second citizenship option. 

Furthermore, you can rest assured constitutional protection in Turkey is unbreakable for all Turkish citizens, including those who obtain citizenship through investment. After you renounce US citizenship, Turkey will indefinitely remain as the strongest citizenship you can have. You will be treated the same as if you were born to a Turkish mother and father.

In a world that is increasingly fraught with political instability, unilateralism and economic uncertainty you need this long lasting solution. In 2023, it sets Turkey apart from the more vulnerable Caribbean citizenship programs or Vanuatu.

Competing CBI countries are small. As a result, there is potential for undue influence from more powerful economies with strong militaries. However, Turkey is also big, powerful and independent minded. You will reap the full benefits of this as a Turkish citizen.   

Residential Real Estate Options Available

The Turkish citizenship by investment program allows you to qualify by purchasing residential real estate practically anywhere in the country. Therefore, you can live in a cosmopolitan city such as Istanbul.

Indeed, Istanbul has always served as a been a bridge between East and West. Thanks to their citizenship by investment program you can now directly participate in a vibrant culture with sensible social values. 

Or a popular alternative is the beach resort city of Antalya which is known and the Turquoise Coast for its blue water.

The minimum purchase price to qualify is US $400,000 equivalent. This allows you to purchase a luxury condo or villa on either side of the Bosporus Strait. Choose between the European side known as Thrace or reside on the Anatolian side in Asia.

The holding period is only three years, after which you can sell the property and redeem your investment funds while retaining Turkish citizenship in perpetuity.

Investors also receive a residential visa while they wait for the passport process to be completed. In addition, all legal costs are included in the investment amount with only nominal additions (see pricing options below). 

Your entire family can join you on the same application at no additional cost. Besides the main applicant this includes your spouse, plus all children under 18 years of age. No extra investment is required beyond the minimum amount.

Turkish Citizenship Investment & Costs

Requirements Program Costs
Investment Amount$400,000 minimum purchase
Commitment Deposit*$10,000
Residence PermitBetween 2000 and 7000 Turkish Lira (TL) per person depending on duration
  1. a. For Residential properties with net area less than 150 m2: 1%
    b. For Residential properties with net area more than 150 m2: 8% or 18%
Real Estate Valuation Report Est. 3,000 – 4,000 TL
Title Deed Fee 4% of the sales price which is usually paid by the buyer (2%) and the seller (2%).***
Power of Attorney**** Est. 2000 TL

*Includes all legal service fees for citizenship process, also concierge service to view qualified real estate.
** Since April 2017 foreigners buying real estate in Turkey are eligible to reclaim the VAT paid, subject to meeting certain criteria. 
*** This arrangement is fluid, depending on the seller who may pay in full, or may insist that the buyer pays in full.
**** If you are not able to travel to Turkey to complete your property purchase you can instruct a solicitor to act on your behalf, with a Power of Attorney (POA).

Turkish CIP Application Process

  1. The main applicant enters iGlobal professional service agreement and completes payment of the (non-refundable) USD $10,000 commitment deposit.
  2. Application forms are completed and all of the supporting documents are gathered, the complete application package is checked by our legal team.
  3. Sign applicable power of attorney agreements (only necessary if you complete the investment process without visiting Turkey)
  4. Acquire Turkish tax identification number.
  5. Open bank account with Turkish Bank.
  6. At no additional cost, we will meet you at your hotel to take you to view qualified investment properties which fit your purchase criteria.
  7. Investor selects suitable property for purchase and enters purchase and sale agreement.
  8. Complete the investment requirement and receive approval for your selected qualifying option.
  9. Turkish residency application is submitted and processed by the relevant government authority (1 day).
  10. Your citizenship application is submitted to the relevant government authority (processing 90-120 days).
  11. Citizenship application receives government approval.
  12. The last step is to visit Turkey or the nearest Turkish consulate to give your bio-metrics, then apply for and receive your Turkish ID cards and passports (3-7 days).