Where is Political Independence in a War Torn World?

You can still find political independence in a world that has gone mad. There are some valid options believe it of not. You can start with the Financial Times’ CBI index in which the Dominica citizenship program has been ranked #1 in every publication since its inception.

Not to mention, the best vote of confidence comes from Dominica citizens themselves. Rest assured, anyone who completed the program will tell you it was the right choice for a myriad of reasons. However, Dominica’s political neutrality is now the most essential benefit you may not have known you even had.

Indeed, Dominica citizenship is what you need when you need it now. Believe me when I tell you that time is of the essence for high net worth individuals; not only those living in a war zone.

You need to be prepared in advance! Otherwise, that could soon be you dodging bullets or sanctions regardless of where you were born. So where is your Plan B? Have you tested it? Do not wait until the day the sky falls to try and use it.  

Use iGlobal to Find Political Independence

A Plan B establishes peace of mind, safety and political independence. What more can you ask for in a world at war? So here is Dominica. In addition to personal protection, you will have new citizenship in a Caribbean Eco-paradise with benefits such as global access and equitable tax laws. But more than ever, you have got to have a politically neutral citizenship.

Learn the real benefits of Dominica citizenship from firsthand experience. My partners and I have many years of experience working with the Dominica citizenship by investment program. As a result, you will receive the best service, but that is not all.

Most essentially, I have walked in your shoes on the path to global citizenship. Now let me show you the correct way establish offshore tax residency in a friendly country. Not to mention, iGlobal will provide you the most critical support that you need in advance.

After you receive your Dominica passports we will be there see through the implementation of your Plan B. Our firsthand experience will guide you through the most crucial phases of moving offshore.

How Do You Qualify for Dominica Citizenship?

Applicants with a clean background and verifiable source of funds must make a minimum investment into the Dominica economy. What are your investment choices? 

  1. Invest in Dominica Real Estate or
  2. Government Contribution

The Best Option is to Buy Dominica Real Estate

As for a yield producing investment option, choose from one of our five star Dominica resorts. If you are invested in Dominica real estate for a minimum of five years, you have the option to sell the property to a new citizenship applicant.

So you can recoup your investment capital through divestment. But you also retain Dominica citizenship in perpetuity. In addition, real estate provides you with an essential connection to a beautiful Caribbean island. As a result, it may be possible to take advantage of certain tax advantages.

Additional benefits that are obtainable through citizenship include a local street address, tax identification number, SIM card/phone bills and driver’s license. In addition, your real estate ownership will establish an unequivocal nexus with Dominica. Why do you need the connection? Ask me about this.

5 Ways Dominica Real Estate Protects Wealth

  1. Inflation Hedge – One effect of war currently being felt worldwide is inflation. Nonetheless, Caribbean tourism remains in high demand. As a result, the local resorts can raise room rates. This acts as a natural hedge against global inflation for those who own the best Dominica real estate.
  2. Asset Price Stability – Dominica real estate developments are backed by citizenship. Therefore, the value of the investment remains stable if global real estate prices are crashing. So even as we enter a more volatile market environment, Dominica real estate remains as a safe haven to park your money.
  3. 5% Investment YieldBased on 70% occupancy, an investment in Dominica real estate is expected to provide a 5% investment yield to owners. But since your real estate holdings also provide a local income source, it will serve you well as a tax residency connection. 
  4. Ownership StructureIf you hold your real estate investment through a local trust or corporation this may create certain tax advantages at the point of sale. Contact me to learn how.
  5. Street AddressInvestment in a deeded real estate option will provide a local street address. Use it as a connection to Dominica.    

Political Independence & Dominica Citizenship

At the core of the Dominica citizenship program is a stringent due diligence policy. As a result, only the highest quality applicants are ever granted Dominica citizenship. But most essentially, there has never been any misgivings from diplomatic partners.

Indeed, Dominica citizens benefit from a multitude of visa waiver agreements. Therefore, rest assured that you will receive visa free access or visa on arrival to over 144 countries and territories worldwide.

Long established visa waiver agreements provide access to Western Europe and the UK. In addition, a rapidly growing number of Asian countries such as the UAE, India and China are opening their doors to Dominica citizens.

As a result, this mutually benefits the local tourism industry in both countries. And since this supports tourism related real estate in Dominica, new citizens who used real estate to qualify will increase their investment yield.  

These diplomatic benefits of Dominica citizenship extend even farther. The government of Dominica has established consulates overseas in essential locations such as the United Arab Emirates, China and Greece. So if you need assistance overseas, no need to travel all the way to Dominica. Now you can just reach out to the nearest consulate.

Would You Like to Visit Dominica?

Although there is no need to visit the island during the citizenship process, you are certainly free to do so. Just let me know. We can provide you with discount pricing on five star accommodations which includes a firsthand tour of the facilities.

See for yourself all of Dominica’s attractions such as 1200 plant species, towering waterfalls, a boiling lake plus their own resident population of sperm whales. The list is long of benefits you will find in Dominica. 

Dominica is indeed the world’s most unique adventure opportunity long sought after by a tourist base that is growing in diversity. Rest assured that the benefits are yours to enjoy when you become a client of iGlobal. Get your share of five star luxury in Eco-paradise!

A Government Contribution for Political Independence

Last but not least, the Dominica government also allows investors to qualify for citizenship with a nonrefundable contribution. However, the downside of the contribution is that it is not possible to recoup your capital. Nonetheless, you can avoid real estate ownership with this alternative program. Contact me for details.