Caribbean Passport Benefits: 10 Ways to Pay Less Income Tax

First and foremost, Caribbean passport benefits protect your financial freedom. A Caribbean passport allows you to live where you want, invest where you want, work where you want and be what you want to be without paying income tax. To effectively do this you must have Caribbean citizenship and the flexibility that it provides. Indeed, it is not just a travel document.

Second citizenship can completely eliminate the financial restraints that your home government imposes on you. You were born with the political disadvantage of being affluent or having the potential to become affluent.

Get the passport and the world will open up to you, global access and financial freedom can be obtained in many different ways through Caribbean citizenship.

Caribbean Citizenship is a Bridge to a Better Future

Indeed, restrictions of circumstance can be removed by acquiring Caribbean citizenship through investment. Caribbean passport benefits provide flexibility, use it wisely and establish offshore economic freedom.

As a result, you live where you want to live free of income taxes. In addition, your family, your assets and also your security are beyond reach of the political hostility you are facing in these uncertain times.

How soon can you take the first step towards economic freedom? Hesitation benefits nobody, you have nothing to gain and everything to lose. Therefore, Plan B is no longer avoidable, you must take yourself out of the cross hairs of the global tax net imposed by bankrupt governments.

Do not let them drag you down along with their run away budget deficits. Do not indulge the fantasy of a diligent middle class that is ultimately accountable for financial extravagance. They will vote to tax the rich.

What are you waiting for? Do not wait until the day of the crash to try and escape, build a bridge now to a Caribbean tax haven.

List of Caribbean Passport Benefits

  1. Prepare for New Financial Regulations
  2. Multiple Tax Haven Residency Options
  3. Benefits of the Caribbean Community
  4. Visa Waiver Agreements
  5. British Commonwealth Benefits
  6. Political Neutrality of the Caribbean Countries
  7. Currency Stability of the Eastern Caribbean Dollar
  8. Offshore Trust and Company Formation
  9. Family Friendly Citizenship Programs
  10. Post Citizenship Services

#1 Be Prepared for New Regulations with a Caribbean Passport

New financial regulations portend what is coming. The UK has implemented new deemed domiciled rules, plus FATCA has already been reeking havoc worldwide in the global financial system. India is changing tax residency rules for NRIs. Public disclosure requirements for offshore trusts and company registration are being mandated in European tax havens.

How will you protect yourself? The Caribbean tax havens work under the auspices of the British Commonwealth and under the protection of British Overseas Territories. It is a lasting solution, mandated by their democratically elected governments and implicitly supported by the London Corporation and UK Parliament.

The time is now to act. Caribbean passport benefits are the path to the future. If you want economic freedom, you cannot stand idly by. It starts with the protection and versatility of Caribbean citizenship.

#2 Multiple Tax Haven Residency Options

Established in 1981 under the auspices of the Treaty of Basseterre, the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) provides economic integration among member states in addition to coordinated foreign policy.

Effectively, it operates like a federal system removing travel and economic barriers between protocol members. As a result, you have the right of indefinite stay and access to other citizenship benefits inside of a neighboring sovereign country.

Indeed, each of the five citizenship by investment countries are OECS protocol member states. Each country provides tax haven benefits, including several pure tax havens such as St Kitts and Nevis, Antigua and Barbuda, plus Grenada.

Therefore, as soon as you acquire Caribbean citizenship, you immediately have a residency option in each country including Antigua and Barbuda, St Kitts and Nevis, Grenada, Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, plus Dominica.

Enter for a period of indefinite stay throughout the entire economic union area. The rules are clear and you have the same rights as their own citizens. 

  1. Right to live and work – Citizens of participating member states can enter for indefinite stay without restrictions. In addition, there is no requirement for work permit or skills certificate for those seeking employment.
  2. No Financial Requirements – It is not necessary to provide proof of adequate financial resources to support yourself.
  3. One Way Ticket – You can enter the country without proof of return ticket.
  4. Indefinite Stay – Upon entry in the country you are given a stamp “OECS Free Movement Indefinite Stay”.
  5. Health and Education – The spouse and children of OECS citizens may access the host country’s social programs for health and education.
  6. Entry Requirements – OECS citizens may enter with only valid a valid ID card, including driver’s license, national ID card, voter’s registration card or social security card. 

#3 Benefits of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM)

What is CARICOM? CARICOM stands for “Caribbean Community”, established in 1973, it is a government organization consisting of 15 member states. The organization was formed to encourage economic integration in the Caribbean in addition to cooperation in regional matters and foreign policy. 

Furthermore, the CARICOM single market and economy agreement (CSME) was formed in 1989. As a result, citizens of CARICOM member states have the right to live and work in other member states.

Therefore, possession of a CARICOM passport grants two important benefits. The first is 6 months visa free entry into another member state. Second, if you decide to reside there, you may apply for a skills certificate which grants you indefinite stay. 

How do you get a skills certificate? Requirements set by the CSME include a “desire to seek wage employment” in the country and also have the necessary skill set.

The skill set requirement can be satisfied with a bachelor’s or associate’s degree from a recognized institution of higher learning. Other skill sets to qualify include artists, nurses, teachers et cetera. Indeed, the barriers to acquire a skills certificate are quite reasonable. 

So what are the practical implications of this? Essentially, a person who acquired citizenship through one of the Caribbean citizenship by investment programs has the option to obtain a residency visa in any other participating CARICOM member state.

Besides all of the OECS protocol members, this also includes Caribbean countries such as Belize, Barbados, Suriname, Jamaica, plus Trinidad and Tobago. 

#4 Visa Waiver Agreements

Each Caribbean passport provides visa free travel options to many countries and territories. Nonetheless, quality is better than quality.  Would you rather have visa free access to Tunisia or China? Are you more likely to visit Uruguay or London? The best passport will meet your travel needs most effectively.

This is indeed a nice benefit for those who have already invested in a Caribbean citizenship program. For example, you can visit China visa free just in time for the 2022 Winter Olympics.

In addition, visa free access to China is reciprocal. That means Chinese citizens can visit the reciprocating Caribbean island without a visa. So tourism related properties that were used to qualify for citizenship will benefit accordingly.

Ultimately, the visa waiver agreement with China materially increases the value of Caribbean citizenship and add credibility to the Caribbean citizenship programs. Therefore, if the respective governments have not already done so, they may feel compelled to increase the investment amounts required for their citizenship programs.

For now, Caribbean citizenship can be acquired for the lower investment amount. However, the clock is ticking on this high value mismatch.

#5 British Commonwealth Benefits for the Caribbean

Since all five Caribbean citizenship by investment countries were former colonies of the United Kingdom, they have now become members of the British Commonwealth. As a result, citizens of commonwealth countries enjoy certain privileges provided by the UK.

  1. UK Visa Free Entry – Those arriving in the UK with a passport from a Commonwealth country enjoy 6 months visa free entry.
  2. Consular Assistance – Caribbean passport benefits include receiving embassy or consular assistance from the UK in foreign non-Commonwealth countries where their country does not have a consular or diplomatic presence.
  3. Right to Vote – Commonwealth citizens who are legally resident in the UK, have the right to vote.
  4. Emergency Passports – If your travel documents have gone missing you can apply for a British emergency passport with the permission of your national government.
  5. Court Protection – You can avail yourself under the protection of a British court where your own country is not represented.
  6. Legal Vindication – The Caribbean tax havens are mutually beneficial for the London real estate market and UK financial services industry. Indeed, what pleases the London Corporation, will positively influence the UK Parliament in their favor.

#6 Political Neutrality of the Caribbean Passport

Political neutrality is a mutually beneficial aspect of respectful international diplomacy. To be clear, all five of the Caribbean citizenship by investment countries are democracies with voting populations strongly in support of their citizenship programs. Nevertheless, they do have local political preferences. However, internal politics does not extend beyond their borders.

To be clear, there is no neocon diplomatic agenda. As a result, none of the Caribbean citizenship countries needs a standing military. Additionally, there is no need for beggar thy neighbor economics creating global financial bubbles.

Caribbean passport benefits allow you to enter business contracts or rental agreements in foreign countries free of the stigma that your original passport would represent.

Can you imagine traveling to Cuba, Russia, China or Iran with a neutral passport? Indeed, this would be considered taboo coming from the US or a neocon Western European country.

#7 Currency Stability of the Eastern Caribbean Dollar

Since 1976, the Eastern Caribbean Dollar has enjoyed a stable peg to the USD at EC$2.70. As a result, citizens of the Eastern Caribbean states such as Saint Kitts and Nevis, Grenada, Dominica, Antigua and Barbuda, Saint Lucia, Montserrat, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, plus Anguilla participate within the currency union. 

The central bank for the currency union is located in Basseterre, on the island of Saint Kitts. Stability in the currency peg is maintained with a 60/40 ratio of foreign currency holdings. Decades of adhering to the USD peg assure you of stability for your local deposits and also currency conversions.

#8 Offshore Trust and Company Formation

Do you need to use a corporate vehicle or offshore trust? Certain countries in the Caribbean allow for the implementation of offshore legal arrangements that create insurmountable protection. These legal tools provide for the most stringent asset protection in the world.

Used in combination with a Caribbean passport, the tax benefits and privacy protection allowed for company directors and executives has been proven impenetrable when protected within the Nevis Trust. Indeed, even the IRS has been unsuccessful at cracking the security of the Nevis offshore trust. Therefore, the trust settlor and their beneficiaries are well beyond the reach of creditors and global income tax.

If you are a citizen of St Kitts and Nevis, this is helpful, but not absolutely necessary. Using a passport from any of the other Caribbean citizenship by investment countries should suffice. As a result, you can implement certain legal jurisdiction advantages, eliminating income tax and establishing protection from creditors.

In addition, the twin island nation of Antigua and Barbuda allows for the formation of the International Business Corporations. International banking, insurance, trading and manufacturing corporations are tax free. 

#9 Family Friendly Programs

Caribbean citizenship benefits are ideal for single applicants, but also large families. Even if you are a single applicant, but are planning to have a family in the future, you can rest assured that Caribbean citizenship is hereditary.

As a result, your future newborn children can receive citizenship by descent. Additionally, your future spouse and adopted child can receive a Caribbean passport as additions to the initial application. This saves processing time and significant expenses as compared to filing a new citizenship application. 

Extended programs even allow for the addition of siblings of the main applicant or their spouse. Parents and grandparents of the main applicant or their spouse are also welcomed by certain Caribbean citizenship programs.

Indeed, the Caribbean passport is the passport of the future. It is a durable investment that new citizens and their families can rely on for many generations.

#10 Post Citizenship Services

Caribbean citizenship establishes a strong link to a Caribbean tax haven. However, supporting documents may be necessary. This is especially true if you maintain ties to your country of origin. We can assist to acquire a local driver’s license, street address, local SIM card/phone bills and of course a tax identification number.

Use these tools in combination with your Caribbean passport for offshore residency applications and also to open bank accounts. The connection is solid and effective even if you do not reside in the Caribbean. You want to live in Europe? You can do it with a Caribbean passport and proper tax planning.

As for American citizens? Unfortunately, renunciation is the only legal option to escape from FATCA and FBAR. Many affluent American citizens have chosen the path of renunciation to solve their tax problems and move their assets offshore. Indeed, US citizenship renunciation is not only for the rich anymore.

Caribbean Passport for a Lifetime of Benefits

My partners and I have 35+ years of experience working with the Caribbean citizenship programs, plus Vanuatu. As a result, you can rest assured that we will accomplish your objectives in the most cost effective and expedient manner possible. Contact me today to build your path to global access and economic freedom.