Dominica-China Visa Waiver Increases Dominica’s Passport Advantage

Do you want to travel to China visa free? The list of Dominica passport benefits just got longer! Indeed, for nearly 30 years the Dominica passport has increased in value, but the cost remained unchanged. The latest addition to the list of benefits is visa free access to mainland China. Additionally, the new Dominica-China visa waiver grants Chinese citizens reciprocal access to the Commonwealth of Dominica. 

The question for new citizenship applicants is what are you waiting for? The value of the Dominica passport has been steadily increasing over the years. This cannot last forever, it is possible that the Dominica government could soon raise the price.

Dominica Passport Moves Ahead

As the world’s two most trustworthy passports, Dominica and St Kitts are quite similar. However, the Dominica-China visa waiver makes the premium price of the St Kitts passport clearly unsustainable.

To be clear, the margin was already slim to begin with. For example, the St Kitts $50,000 premium was only based on its slightly older program and access to a handful of mostly insignificant visa free countries. Therefore, to remain competitive, St Kitts and Nevis may need to lower the 150K price tag for single applicant to match the Dominica price of 100K or vice versa.

Indeed, the minimum real estate purchase requirement was already matched at $200,000 giving Dominica the value advantage.

Get New Benefits with Dominica Citizenship

As for new applicants who are interested in the Dominica citizenship by investment program, the future of Dominica is bright. In the near term, additional benefits include Dominica’s new intercontinental airport.

The new airport is good news for citizens who have invested in Dominica real estate. It will increase direct flights to Europe and the US. As a result, Dominica’s tourist base will enjoy easier access to their ecotourism attractions.

Dominica’s new airport compliments the Dominica-China visa waiver agreement. Indeed, Dominica’s high quality real estate program offers significant value over their competitors. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to procure Dominica citizenship and earn a good ROI.

Get Dominica-China Visa Waiver Benefits 

Dominica citizenship can be obtained within 2-3 months by qualified individuals and families. My partners and I have a combined 35+ years of experience working with the Caribbean citizenship programs. As a result, we will help you to obtain the best passport at the lowest cost in the most efficient manner possible.

Contact me today to take advantage of Dominica’s citizenship benefits including the recently announced Dominica-China visa waiver.

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