Grenada Citizenship for Indian: Conversion to the US E2 Visa

The backlog of Indians waiting for green cards in the United States is nearly 800,000. As a result of the per country caps, it will take over 80 years for new Indian applicants to reach the front of the queue. The best solution is Grenada citizenship for Indian which includes eligibility for the US E2 visa. As a result, Indians can live and work in the US securely with the US E2 Visa. 

This solution will resolve the problem of remaining in the US because Indians are no longer able to convert their work visas to green cards. The E2 is indeed a safer route with better investment options. Therefore, Indians can safely and securely reside in the US, in addition they can work there free of discrimination with the E2 visa. Otherwise, Indians in the US will continue facing discrimination as indentured servants under temporary work visas such as the flawed H-1B.

However, Indians cannot expect different results by doing the same thing over and over again. You must act now and change course! Otherwise, the cost of obtaining the green card is too high, it could cost you your life. Is it really worth it? You must use the Grenada citizenship for Indian and acquire the E2 visa. 

Until then, the green card backlog and per country caps are a major problem for hundreds of thousands of Indians working in highly skilled tech jobs. Indeed, over 205,000 Indians will die before they get their green card. You must act now and change course and explore the better alternative. Contact me today for a free consultation about the lifelong benefits of acquiring Grenada citizenship.

Grenada Citizenship Requirements

The Grenada citizenship by investment program has been established since 2013 and all nationalities are eligible to apply. To be successful, applicants must have a clean background, medical certificate and make the required minimum investment into the Grenada economy. Additionally, successful applicants must submit completed application forms and all of the supporting documents.

  1. Clean background requires that applicants have no criminal record or history of personal or corporate bankruptcy. This includes providing a police certificate and criminal records verification. Additionally, 10 year employment history is verified as part of your background check.
  2. Funds verification is also part of the background check. Therefore, applicants must provide 12 months of bank account statements showing a minimum average balance exceeding the investment amount. However, equivalent investment accounts may also be used to establish source of the funds.
  3. Medical health certificate will include HIV test and a normal health examination. Medical forms for your doctor to complete will be provided.
  4. Application forms with supporting documents list will be provided by us. Additionally, we will provide sample documents and proper formatting for passport photos etc. After completion, your application package will be reviewed by our legal team and then submitted to the Grenada CIU.
  5. Letter of preliminary approval is provided by the Grenada government.
  6. Investment minimum of a nonrefundable US$150,000 made to Grenada government’s National Transformation Fund. Or investment in a government approved real estate development in the minimum amount of US$220,000.

An investment in real estate can be sold at the end of the five year holding period. As a result, you may recoup your investment money while retaining Grenada citizenship in perpetuity. Plus, earn a 3-4% rate of return during the holding period. Share ownership is 100% confidential under the protection of a real estate trust.

Grenada Citizenship Benefits for Indians

Grenada citizenship for Indian includes exclusive benefits for Indians who struggle to remain inside the US. How can they circumvent the green card backlog and also eliminate the per country caps for long term stay? Grenada citizenship for Indian will provide a safe alternative. The answer is the E2 visa.

In 1989, Grenada became a US E2 treaty country. As a result, Grenada nationals, including successful applicants of the Grenada citizenship by investment program are eligible to participate.

To acquire the Grenada citizenship benefits provided by the E2 visa, invest a minimum of US$120,000 in the US by starting a new business, investing in a franchise opportunity or purchase an existing business. Contact me for turn key investment options.

  • Grenada E2 visa will allow you to live and work in the United States along with your spouse and children under 21 years of age. 
  • Turn Key business solutions available, only 50% ownership interest required.
  • Gift contributions from family may be used to help qualify. 
  • The spouse of the main applicant can pursue open market employment such as working in technology or medical professions. 
  • Children of the E2 visa holders qualify for instate tuition for their education potentially saving many thousands of dollars annually.
  • In addition, applicants can sponsor employees (including family members) from their home countries to work in the business. 
  • Initial five year visa term with subsequent renewals every two years. Simply leave the US and reenter to receive a two year visa extension.
  • The Grenada citizenship application is 100% confidential with no requirement to notify the Indian government.
  • Dual citizenship is permitted. As a result, Grenada citizens can retain their original citizenship. 
  • Indians holding Grenada citizenship may also obtain Overseas Citizenship of India permitted under the Citizenship Act, 1955.     

E2 Conversions Allowed

Indians may use the E2 as a precursor to the EB5 while residing in the United States. Additionally, other US visa categories such as the B1, E1, F1, F2 and H1B may be converted to the E2 visa. The E2 visa provides flexibility, as a result Indians can escape oppression caused by their current H1B status and pursue open market employment opportunities in the United States.

Furthermore, the E2 can readily be converted to lawful permanent resident status when eligible. Indeed, according to the statistics reported by the US Government Office of Accountability over 22,422 such conversions have occurred since 2014. See more below.

Indians Escape Discrimination in US

US politicians and employers have willfully allowed discrimination against Indians working in the United States. Therefore, conversion of their temporary H1B work visa to green card is nearly impossible for the vast majority of Indians. As a result, Indians are subject to discrimination and exploitation on the job. The working conditions of Indians staying in the US on temporary work visas is tantamount to slavery.

You must work many hours for less wages than American citizens would be paid. Otherwise, your employer can neglect to sponsor your visa renewal. Grenada citizenship for Indian will allow you to work independently and collect fair wages for your skills. Use the E2 visa to protect your family and your freedom.   

Grenada Citizenship for Indian and E2 Visa

Grenada citizenship is available to all nationalities, many who have received Grenada citizenship have also retained their Indian citizenship. The application process for Grenada citizenship is indeed 100% confidential. As a result, many Indians have retained dual citizenship and successfully completed the program to enter the US on the Grenada E2 visa.

Additionally, Grenada CIU has issued thousands of passports since inception of the program. The following data provided by Grenada Ministry of Finance for years 2014-2021.

Citizenship Applications Approved 1,423
Rejection Rate7.1%
Passports Issued4,533
Average Family Size3.03

Plus, hundreds of Indians have used Grenada citizenship to obtain E2 visa status in the United States. Hundreds of Indians have also successfully converted their E2 visa to permanent residency with the US green card. See the following Data provided by United States Government Accountability Office for years 2014-2018.

US E2 Extension Approvals for Indians441
Rejection Rate for Indians12%
Most Common Reasons for RejectionInadequate Documentation
Unqualified Immigrant
Successful Change from E2 to Lawful Permanent Resident Status 22,422 total

Since India is not an E2 treaty country, we can assume that all of the Indians listed in the GAO report were applying using a second passport. Therefore, a reasonable estimate would be that of the 441 Indians issued E2 visa extensions, 50-100 were applying for the E2 using the Grenada passport.

Altogether, that is 5-10% of total Grenada citizenship application approvals issued since inception. This is indeed a significant number of successful Indians who have entered the US on the E2 Visa!

Act Now to Invest in Your Future

Indians must act now to protect their future. Grenada citizenship for Indian is indeed a lifelong investment for your well being. For long term investments, Indian applicants can choose to invest in real estate. As a result, they are owners of a tangible asset which can be sold after the five year holding period.

Real estate investment is an insurance policy covering your investment in the Grenada citizenship program. However, after you sell the property Indians can retain citizenship in perpetuity. Additionally, earn a 3-4% return on your investment through the developer’s profit sharing program. All applications are 100% confidential.

Our agency has a combined 35+ years of experience working with the Caribbean citizenship programs. In addition, iGlobal is well integrated with the Grenada property developers and also the government agencies. Rest assured that you will receive the best possible service at the lowest possible price.