Dominica Ecotourism Benefits from New Airport Project

Direct flights to Dominica from Europe and the United States will soon be available at their new intercontinental airport. This will eliminate layovers and island hopping impediments which greatly enhances the appeal of Dominica ecotourism. Ease of access will be available to the “Nature Island of the Caribbean”. As a result, it will be directly linked with an environmentally conscious client base.

Successful completion is a priority for the current administration and construction is already underway. Immediate benefits include the direct creation of 3,000 construction jobs with completion slated for 2025. Additionally, the project will be funded with proceeds from the Dominica citizenship by investment program (CBI).

Prudent Preparations for the New Airport

The Dominica government has been anticipating commencement of the new airport project for several years. As a result, they have been setting aside an estimated USD$5,000,000 per month for airport funding. Therefore, land surveys are already complete on the location in Northeast Dominica near the existing Douglas-Charles Airport. Additionally, allocations of private land and relocation of land owners has commenced. Indeed, the project is well underway.

The Efficacy of Dominica CBI Funding

The Dominica CBI program has been in operation since 1993. It is the world’s second oldest CBI program behind only St Kitts and Nevis. Indeed, the program has been essential to the island’s economics and well being. It has funded schools, hospitals, the new cruise terminal and 5 star hotels around the island. As a result, education and access to medical care are provided to the local communities while tourist infrastructure supports the local economy. Additionally, the CBI program has saved many lives – literally!

Indeed, the Dominica CBI has provided emergency funding when they needed it the most. Dominica Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit has – for good reason – described the Dominica CBI program as a “life saver” on multiple occasions. For example, the hurricane prone country suffered direct hits from two back to back category 5 hurricanes in 2017. As a result, the hurricanes completely destroyed the island’s infrastructure.

Dominica’s well managed CBI funds provided the means to quickly rebuild. Additionally, the government aspired to make Dominica the world’s first “hurricane proof” island. Indeed, only two years after the island was nearly destroyed, tourist arrivals in 2019 were the highest on record dating back to 1977.

Dominica Ecotourism Offers Unique Attractions

Unique attractions on the island anchor the resilience of Dominica ecotourism. These attractions include Dominica’s resident population of sperm whales and other endemic wildlife such as the Sisserou Parrot. Additionally, visitors enjoy scuba diving in underwater caverns created during Dominica’s volcanic origin.

Plus Dominica has geothermal hot springs, boiling lakes, over 1200 plant species, waterfalls and hiking trails located throughout the island’s mountainous interior. As a result, it has been described as a tropical version of Iceland hidden away in the Caribbean.  

Nonetheless, Dominica tourist arrivals drastically fell in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, headwinds for the tourist industry remain. However, Dominica recovered quickly and has reopened for tourism ahead of the rest of the world. Indeed, the natural environment and low population on Dominica is ideally suited for social distancing.

Additionally, the new airport project is not all that is on offer. It comes hand in hand with new medical facilities and island infrastructure connected to the new airport. Furthermore buildings, houses, roads and utilities on Dominica are “hurricane proof”. These wise investments are the mandate of the Dominica government for Dominica citizens.

However, this new airport will be the icing on the cake. In combination with improvements already in place, it will be an effective inducement for their high end tourist base. As a result, investments in real estate projects such as Jungle Bay will greatly benefit from market stability and exposure. It is now a great time to become a citizen of Dominica!