Lowest Cost Second Citizenship Options for 2021

The best answer to the question ~ What is the cheapest citizenship I can buy? ~ all depends on your circumstances. For so many years the most overused cliche was that Dominica offered the lowest cost second citizenship.

Lowest cost for for who? In this post, I will correct the cheapest passport assumptions about Dominica with some factual data.

For example, are you a single applicant or is it a family application? To be clear, the price advantages will fluctuate from program to program depending on your circumstances. Therefore, the lowest cost passport for a single applicant is not the lowest cost passport for a family.

Additionally, wise investors will consider the value of their passport(s) in the future not in the present. Therefore, the cheapest passport does not always match up with the best value. However, they can get pretty close as you will see in the price comparison below. 

Price List of Citizenship Options (All costs and fees included)

ProgramSingle ApplicantFamily of Four
Vanuatu DSP
Grenada NTFUS$165,770US$228,580
St Kitts and Nevis SGFUS$167,750US$172,500
Antigua and Barbuda NDFUS$147,800 US$158,200
Dominica EDFUS$119,950 US$203,300
St Lucia NEFUS$119,500 US$180,000
Lowest Cost Citizenship(s)
St Lucia
Antigua & Barbuda

Best Value vs. Lowest Cost Citizenship

The “cheapest” passport certainly does not mean it offers the best return on your investment. For many years, Dominica offered the lowest cost second citizenship program. Ironically, it was also the best value option available. However, this is not always the case.

Case in point would be the rapid price reductions of competing CBI programs. It begs the question – was Dominica’s citizenship way under priced or were the other programs way over priced? I suspect it was the latter.

Indeed, less than 5 years ago St Kitts, Antigua, St Lucia, Vanuatu and Grenada were all priced at enormous premiums (2-3x) compared with Dominica citizenship. However, the Dominica passport was priced the same now as it was then – US$100,000 for single applicants. 

There was never really any credible justification for such huge premiums. Excluding Grenada, the Caribbean programs plus Vanuatu are really quite similar. The all have visa free access to the Schengen, Ireland and the UK. Additionally, tax free benefits, qualification requirements, payment options and the tropical lifestyle on offer are all quite similar.

Indeed, in many instances regarding the Caribbean programs plus Vanuatu we are essentially comparing apples to apples. As a result, those who invested US350,000 in the St Kitts SGF a few years ago would be pretty annoyed today seeing the base price has been reduced to US$150,000. However, the price for Dominica citizenship has remained the same – US$100,000.

Hidden Citizenship Benefits of CARICOM Countries

All the Caribbean islands offering citizenship programs are members of CARICOM. As a result, citizens of these countries have the right to live and work in other CARICOM countries. Unfortunately, due to misinformation the public is not properly informed about this benefit. For example, many investors falsely believe they must have Grenada citizenship if they intend to live on Grenada.

However, citizens of other CARICOM countries such as Dominica, Antigua or St Lucia can live on Grenada indefinitely without holding Grenada citizenship. This arrangement is reciprocal for all CARICOM members which includes all the Caribbean CBI countries plus other enticing locations such as The Bahamas, Belize and Barbados.

Additional Citizenship Benefits to Consider

  1. Constitutional Protection – Time tested programs such as St Kitts or Dominica provide the best constitutional protections for CBI passport holders. This is an often overlooked benefit which needs to be carefully considered. Indeed, a CBI investor is merely an insecure tourist without the protection of a well written constitutional clause.
  2. Income Tax Rates – None of the CBI programs covered in this post impose any income tax, capital gains tax or inheritance tax on international income. However, local income can be taxed if you intend to work on the islands or open a local business. Vanuatu would be the exception here as they have never had any form of income tax.  
  3. Visa Free Travel Options – There is a lot of overlap regarding visa free travel benefits within the most well established citizenship programs. Nonetheless, if going to the consulate to get a travel visa is not an option make sure your favorite travel destination provides e-visa, visa on arrival or visa free access.
  4. Cryptocurrency Payment Options – Digital currencies such as BTC, ETH and USDT can now be used as payment for certain programs such as Vanuatu and St Kitts – contact me for details.
  5. Add On Dependents – It is now possible to include dependents on the application after you have received your passport(s). Choose your program carefully if you anticipate the addition of family members such as a new spouse, siblings or newborn children at a later date. The cost differences between programs can be considerable and it is best to plan ahead.

Unique Benefits of Grenada Citizenship

There is one stand out exception to this cost analysis – Grenada. This is because Grenada has two unique attributes which are reflected in the price premium. These attributes are eligibility for the US E-2 Visa and visa free access to China.

However, the Grenada price premium is unnecessary for those who do not intend to immigrate to the US or frequently visit China. Although if you need one of these two benefits, the Grenada passport is the best option.