Vanuatu Passport Cost Analysis

Introduced in 2017, the Vanuatu Development Support Program (DSP) is currently the only pure citizenship by investment option in the Asia Pacific region. Indeed, a Vanuatu passport cost analysis reveals their program to be the world’s most cost effective second passport solution. Acquiring a Vanuatu passport through investment will secure your freedom, financial assets and your family’s safety in these times of global uncertainty.

Qualification for the Vanuatu passport can be obtained by making the prescribed non-refundable financial contribution to the Vanuatu government. This Vanuatu passport cost analysis compares Vanuatu’s non-refundable donation with the same option available under the more mature Caribbean programs. Indeed, the Vanuatu passport cost has distinct advantages which are revealed in the analysis found below.

Non-Refundable Contribution Cost Analysis
(Family of Four – Main Applicant + Spouse, 2 child dependents <16 years)

Vanuatu DSP
Grenada NTFUS$226,080
St Kitts and Nevis SGFUS$172,500*
Antigua and Barbuda NDFUS$161,200
Dominica EDFUS$198,300
St Lucia NEFUS$182,500

*limited time offer expires December 31, 2020 normal price US$222,500

The Vanuatu program offers a lower cost than three out of five competing Caribbean programs. However, there are hidden expenses in two of the low cost Caribbean programs that closer analysis will reveal. The Caribbean programs that are priced lower than the Vanuatu passport cost are St Kitts and Antigua. But are they really a better low cost option?

Closer analysis reveals that the St Kitts passport cost for a family of four would normally be $222,500. Indeed, if it were not for a special one time offer in effect until December 31, 2020 the Vanuatu passport cost would otherwise be $42,000 lower than St Kitts and Nevis! 

Furthermore, the Antigua and Barbuda program requires successful applicants to physically visit the island for a five day period within the first 5 years after obtaining the passport. As a result, applicants must factor in travel expenses when doing a Vanuatu passport cost analysis. Otherwise, investors may falsely conclude that the Antigua program is better priced.

Indeed, in these uncertain times, it may not even be possible to travel to such a remote location. If so, successful applicants may be required to relinquish their passport(s) if the Antigua and Barbuda visitation requirement is not satisfied. 

Vanuatu Passport Cost Benefits 

Vanuatu Passport Cost Analysis
Vanuatu is a unique geographical destination featuring underground caverns of volcanic origin and the world’s best scuba diving.

Vanuatu Passport All Inclusive Cost Structure

A primary benefit of the Vanuatu passport cost analysis is that all of the fees, with the exception of the $5,000 due diligence fee, are included in the investment amount. Indeed, this is a significant Vanuatu cost benefit that cannot be over stated.

Furthermore, the due diligence fee is only charged to the main applicant, in contrast with competing programs where all adult applicants are subject to due diligence examination.

Vanuatu’s due diligence requirement not only saves considerable expenses, it also significantly reduces the time required for approval. As a result, the Vanuatu passport application can be approved in less than 30 days provided the required documents are submitted in a timely manner.  

Additional Vanuatu passport cost benefits include the right to live and work on a beautiful tropical island with no tax expenses other than indirect VAT and customs tax. Furthermore, Vanuatu has been an established off-shore financial center since 1972 with international banks present and easy company and account formation procedures. 

Last but not least, Vanuatu has excellent visa free travel worldwide including all of Europe, SE Asia, Russia and East Africa.

Vanuatu Passport Cost Breakdown

Applicant CategoriesSelling Price (Fees in USD, All Inclusive)
Single Applicant$130,000
Married Couple$150,000
Married with One Child (under 18 years of age)$165,000
Married with Two Children (under 18 years of age)$180,000
Additional Dependent$25,000
FIU Due Diligence Fee (main applicant only)
Oath Taking Ceremony