Grenada Passport Cost Analysis

The Grenada citizenship program offers investors two pathways to satisfy the Grenada passport cost. Investment in approved Grenada real estate is the first pathway, the second pathway is making a non-refundable contribution into the Grenada National Transformation Fund. Indeed, both of these options have pros and cons depending on your personal circumstances.

The most conspicuous benefit of the real estate program is that it allows investors to sell the property at the end of a five year holding period while retaining their Grenada passport in perpetuity. Additionally, investors share in the net profit from hotel operations with an average annual return of 2-4% depending on the global economic situation.

On the other hand, a non-refundable contribution to the Grenada National Transformation Fund, is a one and done deal albeit with no options to show a return on the investment or recoup capital.

However, as per the analysis below, investors will ultimately forfeit a potential cost savings of US$183,000 if they choose the National Transformation Fund over the real estate investment option.

Grenada Passport Cost Analysis Family of Four
(Main applicant + Spouse, 2 child dependents <16 years)

ProgramInvestment Amount
Total Cost
Real Estate InvestmentUS$220,000 Real Estate Purchase
US$10,000 Due Diligence Fees
US$50,000 Government Fees (Family of Four)
US$4,000 Government Processing Fees
US$6,000 Government Application Fees
US$1,080 Passport Fees
US$5,000 Professional Fees
$296,080 Total
National Transformation FundUS$200,000 NTF Contribution
US$10,000 Due Diligence Fees
US$4,000 Government Processing Fees
US$6,000 Government Application Fees
US$1,080 Passport Fees
US$5,000 Professional Fees

US$226,080 Total
Cost ComparisonUS$296,080 minus US$226,080 =US$70,000 NTF Cost savings

At first glance, it would appear that investors save US$70,000 if they choose the National Transformation Fund non-refundable investment option. However, it would be poor analysis to overlook the fact that the real estate investment can be sold after a holding period of 5 years to a new citizenship applicant.

Furthermore, the investor has the opportunity to share in net profit from operations during the holding period. As a result, there is a potential annual yield of 2-4% on the investment amount of $220,000.

Investment ReturnsActual Real Estate Cost
Real Estate Total InvestmentUS$296,080
Proceeds from Real Estate Sale(US$220,000)
5 Year 3% Annual Yield from Operations
Net CostUS$43,080

Indeed, the gap narrows significantly when factoring in the proceeds from the real estate sale and the annual yield!  

ProgramsActual Cost
National Transformation FundUS$226,080
Real Estate ProgramUS$43,080
Cost Difference US$183,000 Potential Savings with Real Estate Option

It pays to carefully consider your investment options. To be sure, the real estate proceeds and annual yield would be subject to fluctuating property values and economic conditions. Nonetheless, even a 50% reduction in the sales price of the property would still result in a US$73,000 potential savings by using the real estate investment option.


After selling the property, the investor retains their Grenada passport in perpetuity provided the five year holding period is satisfied. Furthermore, successful applicants under the Grenada citizenship by investment program, obtain global access, financial freedom and security. This includes visa free access to 135+ destinations including China and Russia.

Most importantly, Grenada citizenship benefits include eligibility for the 5 year renewable US E-2 visa. As a result, the main applicant, spouse and child dependents up to 21 years of age have the opportunity to reside and work in the US as long as the E-2 visa conditions are satisfied.