Penang Chinese New Year Street Party

Penang Chinese New Year Street Party

The year of the Rooster turned out to be an amazing Chinese New Year celebration in Penang. This year’s Penang Chinese New Year street party 2017 was sponsored by the local Penang Chinese Clan Council. As a result, 22 clans in the heritage enclave opened their houses between 4PM-12AM on February 3, 2017.

Each house had its unique cultural characteristics on display for the public. Additionally, the other street party festivities were ongoing along Lebuh King throughout George Town.

I started my excursion at the main stage near the intersection of Lebuh King and Lebuh Light. There was an assortment of singing and dancing. Therefore, I took in a couple of shows before venturing farther up Lebuh King.

Main Stage CNY Street Party

Penang Chinese New Year - Main Stage

Penang Chinese New Year Celebrations 2017 - Main Stage

Lion Dance Penang Street Party

I went off in search of the historical tunnel of Penang and found something else. I noticed that there was a series of pole platforms set up down the middle of the street.

Additionally, people were starting to gather around because apparently a show about to start. As a result, I joined them near the stage platform and awaited for what was to come. I had never seen a lion dance performed in this manner so it all came as a surprise.

Lion Dance CNY Penang

Lion Dance Penang CNY Street party

The lion dance was mind blowing! However, at the end of the performance one of the performers stole the show by proposing to his girlfriend on stage! I assume that she said yes because they were all smiles and the crowd loved it!

Lion Dance Penang Street Party CNY Celebration 2017

The lion dance was extraordinary however, there were other performances and attractions to enjoy. Since there was lots to do and I kept walking up Lebuh King looking for Lebuh Chulia and the Wu Shu performers at stage 11. As a result, I snapped a couple photos on the way.

penang chinese new year street party 2017

penang chinese new year street party 2017

Dragon Dance Penang Chinese New Year Street Party

I arrived at the Wu Shu stage and there was a dragon dance in progress. These guys were good, but I suspect the lion dance performers were world class. Nonetheless, the dragon dance was a good show!

After taking in the dragon dance I drifted around and eventually found my way to Lebuh Armenian. Therefore, I happened to pass by the Durian Heaven ice cream shop where I indulged in some durian mochi and also some durian soft ice cream.

The server explained to me that the mochi was Musang King and the soft ice cream was the D24 durian variety. The durian is all local from Penang and it tasted great! Durian is out of season and that is the cool thing about frozen goods like ice cream. They are available year round!

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