The Most Beautiful Amalfi Coast Adventure

The Amalfi Coast is one of the most scenic coastal destinations in the world. Additionally, we enjoyed the ancient architecture, communes, museums and cathedrals. We included these attractions and more on our Amalfi Coast things to do list. Plus, we added some improvisation for adventure seekers to follow.

Location of the Amalfi Coast

This famous stretch of the Amalfi Coastline is located on the southern part of the Sorrento Peninsula. Additionally, the eponymous commune of Amalfi is the starting point of the tour.

Fortunately, transportation on the Sorrento Peninsula is simple and inexpensive. Therefore, we took the bus from Sorrento, but private cars are also available. Either way, you get to enjoy sweeping views of the steep coastline as you arrive via the coastal road.

Scenic Amalfi Coastline
This photo was taken from the jetty at the Amalfi Marina.

The Best Amalfi Coast Things to Do

The best Amalfi Coast things to do focus on the ancient commune of Amalfi. Therefore, main points of interest in Amalfi are the Museo delle Carta (The Museum of Handmade Paper) and Saint Andrew’s Cathedral.

However, these attractions are a sideshow because of the ancient ambience created by the architecture and Amalfi community. Indeed, the residents of Amalfi and surrounding communes, live a lifestyle that is very similar to their ancestors.

Therefore, you will have an abundance of opportunities to stop for espresso and other Italian treats at the cafes which line the ancient cobblestone streets of Amalfi commune. Additionally, the Sorrento Peninsula weather is ideal for the production of lemons. As a result, visitors get a taste of the famous Amalfi Coast limoncello liqueur.

Piazza Duomo Cafe
This cafe was situated in the Piazza Duomo across from Saint Andrew’s Cathedral.

Saint Andrew’s Cathedral

Saint Andrew was the patron saint of Amalfi. As a result, the Cathedral of Saint Andrew overlooks the center of Amalfi, Piazza Duomo.

The 11th century cathedral features a unique baroque architectural design. Additionally, a student of Michelangelo created a bronze statue of the patron saint that is located inside the cathedral. Furthermore, the apex of the cathedral facade features a fresco of St Andrew with the saints below.

St Andrew’s relics have been preserved inside the cathedral since 1206 when they were brought from ancient Constantinople.

St Andrew's Cathedral Piazza Duomo
The Piazza Duomo is named after Saint Andrew’s Cathedral.

Museo delle Carta

In ancient times, the Amalfi coast was famous for the production of high quality paper. This paper, known as “carta bambagina”, features an authentic watermark that is unique to Amalfi. Additionally, Amalfi paper is very thick and durable. As a result, artists value the high quality paper and still use it in modern times.

The Museum of Handmade Paper is located in the Mill Valley in the northern part of Amalfi commune. Formerly a water mill, the museum was converted to a paper mill in the 11th century. As we were nearing the museum, we encountered its power source, which is a rustic mountain stream.

However, the production method changed dramatically along with the industrial revolution. As a result, the only remaining paper mill in Amalfi is now a museum.

Museo delle carta power source
The power source of the Museum delle Carta.

At the Amalfi paper museum, it is possible for visitors to participate in the production of paper. After our tour, our English speaking guide showed us the paper making process in total. It is rather fascinating, and my friend became pretty good at paper making.

First, cut up rags are pulverized. As a result, the rags are converted into pulp and then placed into water filled vats. Additionally, the pulp is strained through wire mesh and a press is used to create the final product. Here is the finished product below.

handmade bambagina (Amalfi paper)
This is a photo of our guide at the museum holding up a piece of finished “carta bambagina” (Amalfi paper).
carta bambagina watermark
The watermark identifies the product as authentic carta bambagina made on the Amalfi Coast.

Visit Ravello on the Amalfi Coast

Our trip to Ravello was actually not the immediate objective after leaving the museum. However, it turned out that way after we walked to the neighboring commune – Atrani. We were exploring Atrani when we started seeing very enticing signs that pointed towards “Ravello”.

Scenic Atrani Amalfi Coast
This is the road to Atrani coming from Amalfi .
Beautiful Amalfi Coastline.

We started walking up the valley following the intermittent signs that pointed towards Ravello. As a result, we decided to keep going and see where the path went.

I was familiar with Ravello, however I did not know exactly how far it was from our current location. It was a footpath after all, so why not make the most of an unplanned adventure?

The view was excellent as we ascended the steep valley path. Additionally, we passed small village farms and churches.

Ravello Path Church
My friend passes a church as we ascend up the valley path to Ravello.
Amalfi Coast Farm
There were some small farms as we approached the head of the valley.
endless path to ravello
However, the path just kept going, going and going. As a result, we decided to flag a ride when the next road crossed our path.

Best Amalfi Coastal Views from Ravello Highlands

Indeed, the ultimate location of Ravello commune was situated high above the Amalfi Coast! Additionally, the 5th century establishment of Ravello predates Amalfi by many years. Its original purpose was to serve as a mountain refuge for protection from raiding coastal barbarians. As a result, the views from Ravello were awesome! We stopped for lunch at a place that had some of the best coastal views that I had ever laid eyes on.

Coastal view Ravello highlands
The Ravello restaurant boasted some excellent views of the Amalfi Coast.
Ravello Bus stop
After some gelato, it was time to return to Amalfi. We found the local bus stop which made my friend very happy.

Beautiful Italian Adventure on the Amalfi Coast

The sun was now setting on our excellent Amalfi Coast adventure. After some parting shots of limoncello and a few more photos, it was time to say goodbye (for now). The Amalfi Coast was an amazing experience and a very beautiful part of Italy.

beautiful sunset amalfi coast
The sun sets on our Amalfi Coast adventure.