Harbin Polarland Is The World’s Best Arctic Show

There are several prolific attractions to visit while attending the Harbin Ice Festival and Harbin Polarland was next on our list! This attraction is located at Sun Island Harbin and features amazing polar exhibits of arctic animals such as polar bears, arctic foxes, penguins and sea lions. However, the main attraction at Harbin Polarland is their two famous beluga whales named Mira and Nicola.

Harbin Polarland

After we arrived we were greeted by this giant snow sculpture of a polar bear. Additionally, the park itself is located indoors and it is on a 16,000 meter or 1.6 Hectare site.

Sea Lion and Walrus at Harbin Polarland

The first attraction we visited was the show featuring a walrus and sea lion. Both of the animals worked very well with the trainers and the show was very enjoyable. Unfortunately, it was in Chinese so we couldn’t follow along with the jokes and story line although the animal tricks were still pretty cool!

Walrus at Harbin Polarland
Walrus performance at Harbin Polarland.
Seal lion at Harbin Polarland
Sea Lion at Harbin Polarland.

The Beluga Whales at Harbin Polarland

At Harbin Polarland the main attraction is the beluga whale performance. Mira and Nicole put on an amazing show and it was easy to see why they are world famous. Additionally, the music choreography was beyond reproach which really complimented the elegant white whales as they performed.

The show was standing room only and it got very hot while we were watching it. Maybe that is why they call it “Sun Island” because inside it is well heated? This is in stark contrast to the polar atmosphere outside the facility. Unfortunately, everyone was dressed for the frigid temperatures outdoors! Although this was only a temporary distraction to the show.

This slow exposure reveals the ambience of the exuberant white whales.

Beluga whales at Sun Island Harbin Polarland
This photo reveals the standing room only crowd for the show and you can see how it can get heated up pretty fast!
Beluga whales at Sun Island Harbin Polarland
However, the show must go on!
Beluga whales at Sun Island Harbin Polarland

The two beluga whales were very well acquainted with their trainers and they were led through an elegant swirling dance. Additionally, the music meshed very well held the captivation of the audience!

Beluga whales at Sun Island Harbin Polarland

Beluga Whales Show Part 2

After the swirling motions then the show took on a slightly different aspect. As a result, there was only one trainer in the water at a time. For example, one trainer would draw the attention of one of the whales. Then at the same time the other trainer would perform with the other whale.This method continued for the duration of the show.

Beluga whales at Sun Island Harbin Polarland
Thank you for the great show Mira and Nicola!


Harbin Polarland was overall a very nice addition to the other Harbin attractions that we enjoyed during our 3 day visit. The diversity of polar animals that are available for viewing in Harbin is pretty amazing and there is no other place like it in the world. Don’t forget about Harbin Ice and Snow World and if you have time visit Saint Sophia Cathedral Harbin!

Although he was no match for Mira and Nicola, the polar bear also put on a pretty good underwater show of his own! His specialty was swimming upside down.

Polar bear Harbin Polarland
Polar bear Harbin Polarland
Polar bear Harbin Polarland