Turkiye Citizenship


Passport in 5 Months
US E-2 Visa Eligibility
0% Overseas Income Tax
Earn 8% Investment Yield
All Nationalities Can Apply
Invest in Istanbul Real Estate
Visa Free Travel 110+ Countries

Turkiye Citizenship: #1 Ranked Passport Solution

The Republic of Turkiye first established the Turkiye citizenship by investment program in 2017. As a result, qualified investors with a clean background may now purchase real estate in Istanbul valued at USD $400,000 or above to receive their Turkiye passports.

To clarify, the single investment includes passports for the main applicant, their spouse and children under 18 years of age. Plus, rest assured that successful applicants enjoy the same rights and constitutional protection as if they had a Turkish mother and father.

Furthermore, the holding period for the property is only three years. The investor is then allowed to sell the investment to recoup their capital while retaining Turkiye citizenship in perpetuity. In further benefit, you are allowed to reside at the property or rent it out to accrue an investment yield of up to 8% per annum.

The application process is streamlined, including reduced processing costs. We will be there to assist you every step of the way. From the moment you arrive in Istanbul, our agent will meet you at your hotel and transport you to view Istanbul real estate which matches your preferred criteria. After you select the property and complete the purchase, you can have your passports within 3 months.

In addition, we offer a guaranteed buy back of your real estate investment at the prevailing market price. Last but not least, all real estate viewing services and all legal service fees for citizenship are included in the commitment deposit. Turkiye citizenship is a win~win proposition.

Turkiye Passport Visa Free Destination Map

*Includes eVisa, Visa on Arrival, US E-2 Visa. Interactive Map.

Turkiye Citizenship Benefits

  • Turkiye citizenship includes US E-2 Visa eligibility, live and work in the US with your spouse and children under 21 years of age.
  • Dual citizenship is allowed with no requirement to renounce your current citizenship.
  • Turkiye is a strong and powerful country with strong constitutional protection.
  • The geographical position of Turkiye is ideally situated on the dividing line between Europe and Asia.
  • 100% confidential application process with no requirement to notify your country of origin.
  • Turkiye’s legal system is based on a civil law system with codified laws.
  • The citizenship program is fully authorized by law no 5901, set by presidential decree.
  • Successful applicants have the same constitutional protection as if they had a Turkish mother or father.
  • There is no requirement to visit Turkiye to obtain citizenship unless it is your wish to do so.
  • No tax on overseas income for non-residents.
  • No personal interview requirement for the application process.
  • Enjoy visa free travel to 110+ countries and territories including Japan, South Korea, South Africa, Hong Kong and Singapore plus all of South America.
  • There are no Turkish language fluency requirements.

Turkiye Real Estate Program

In an effort to encourage development of the Turkiye economy, qualified applicants are allowed to purchase real estate which can then be used as the qualifying investment for citizenship. Investors have the option to sell the property after a minimum holding period of only three years. In addition, we provide you with a guarantee buy back at the prevailing market price. As a result, you quickly recoup your investment capital while retaining Turkiye citizenship in perpetuity.

Real Estate Requirements Real Estate Costs
Investment Amount$400,000 minimum purchase
Commitment Deposit*$10,000
Residence PermitBetween 2000 and 7000 Turkish Lira (TL) per person depending on duration
  1. a. For commercial properties: 18%
    b. For Residential properties with net area less than 150 m2: 1%
    c. For Residential properties with net area more than 150 m2: 8% or 18%
Real Estate Valuation Report
Est. 3,000 – 4,000 TL
Title Deed Fee
4% of the sales price which is usually paid by the buyer (2%) and the seller (2%).***
Power of Attorney****
Est. 2000 TL

*Includes all legal service fees for citizenship process, also concierge service to view qualified real estate.
** Since April 2017 foreigners buying real estate in Turkiye are eligible to reclaim the VAT paid, subject to meeting certain criteria. See more on VAT below.
*** This arrangement is fluid, depending on the seller who may pay in full, or may insist that the buyer pays in full.
**** If you are not able to travel to Turkiye to complete your property purchase you can instruct a solicitor to act on your behalf, with a Power of Attorney (POA). In Turkiye, only the Notary Public is empowered to prepare the POA, for which there is usually a charge of around 2,000 TL.

VAT Exemption Criteria

As mentioned above, since April 2017 there are some exemptions from paying VAT, subject to meeting the following conditions:

• Foreigners must not already be residing in Turkiye;
• Turkiye citizens who reside outside of Turkiye for more than 6 months per year, with a work or residence permit;
• Organizations that do not have an office in Turkiye or do not make profits in Turkiye.

The exemption only applies to the first property bought from a developer and the purchase price is required to be paid in foreign currency, or brought into Turkiye as foreign currency, but paid to the seller in Turkish lira. VAT is paid and claimed back, once the entire sales amount has been paid to the seller. However, the property in question cannot be sold for a year – an annotation is added to the Land Registry to this effect.

Ongoing Fees after Purchase

Once the property has been transferred into your name, there are several additional costs to be considered, as follows;

    1. Dask Insurance: This insurance is renewable annually with the rate is set by the local government, depending on the property size.
    2. Property Maintenance Fees (Aidat): This fee is usually paid monthly, or annually and is charged according to the facilities and services provided by the project management company. The fees cover the cost of security plus heating, lighting and cleaning of communal areas, together with cost for using facilities such as gym, pools etc. and is calculated on the size of the property. (Note: if you rent out your property this fee is usually paid by the tenant)
    3. Utility Subscriptions: The new owner needs to register with utilities such as electricity, water, gas, internet for which there are associated costs, usually in the region of $1,000.
    4. Annual Property Tax: Approximately 0.5% based on the declared value of the property.

Turkiye Citizenship Application Process

  1. Investor enters iGlobal professional service agreement and iGlobal completes preliminary background check.
  2. The applicant completes payment of the (non-refundable) USD $10,000 commitment deposit to iGlobal.
  3. Application forms are completed and all of the supporting documents are gathered, the complete application package is checked by our legal team.
  4. Sign applicable power of attorney agreements (only necessary if you complete the investment process without visiting Turkiye)
  5. Acquire Turkiye tax identification number.
  6. Open bank account with Turkish Bank.
  7. Investor selects suitable property for purchase and enters purchase and sale agreement.
  8. Complete the investment requirement and receive approval for your selected qualifying option.
  9. Residency application is submitted and processed by the relevant government authority (1 day).
  10. Your citizenship application is submitted to the relevant government authority (processing 90-120 days).
  11. Citizenship application receives government approval.
  12. The last step is to visit Turkiye or the nearest Turkiye consulate to give your bio-metrics, then apply for and receive your Turkiye ID cards and passports (3-7 days).

Residency Permit Documents List

  1. Online application form
  2. Passport translation (by Turkish notary)
  3. Birth Certificate (translated by Turkish Notary)
  4. Conformity of Title deed certificate
  5. Health Insurance (under 65)
  6. 2 Biometric photographs
  7. Pay Nominal Fee (the amount depends on nationality)

Turkiye Citizenship Documents List

  1. Passport translation (by Turkish notary)
  2. Birth Certificate (translated by Turkish notary)
  3. Marriage Certificate/Divorce Certificate/ Death Certificate (if applicable) (translated by Turkish notary)
  4. Conformity of Title deed certificate
  5. Health Insurance (under 65)
  6. Valuation Report
  7. 2 Biometric photographs
  8. Bank Receipts
  9. Power of Attorney (if applicable)
  10. Citizenship Application fee (20 TL)