Saint Lucia Citizenship


No Inheritance Tax
No Capital Gains Tax
Passport in 3 Months
0% Overseas Income Tax
Multiple Investment Types
Visa Free Travel 146+ Countries

St Lucia Citizenship: A Low Cost Passport Option

St Lucia citizenship by investment was officially launched by the government on December 29, 2015. As a result, applicants of all nationalities who have a clean background and are willing to invest in the local economy can qualify. St Lucia citizenship benefits are very inclusive for add on dependents of the main applicant including newborns, new spouse, siblings and dependent children up to 30 years of age. Additionally, the St Lucia citizenship costs have been significantly reduced as of May 18, 2020. The four paths to acquire St Lucia citizenship by investment are: 

  1. Make a non-refundable contribution to the Saint Lucia National Economic Fund,
  2. Invest in St Lucia Citizenship by Investment Real Estate,
  3. St Lucia Government Bond or
  4. Invest in a Local Business.

St Lucia National Economic Fund

The Saint Lucia National Economic Fund (NEF) is a special vehicle created under section 33 of the St Lucia Citizenship by Investment Act for receiving nonrefundable contributions to government sponsored projects. As a result, the government is able to promote development of medical facilities, schools, local infrastructure, hurricane relief and tourism. Additionally, Saint Lucia National Economic Fund costs are tiered with the amount of the contribution depending on the number of dependents on the application.

NEF Program Requirements
NEF Program Costs
$100,000 main applicant
$140,000 main applicant and spouse
$150,000 main applicant and spouse plus up to 2 other dependents
$25,000 for each additional dependent
$5000 newborn child 12 months and under
Due Diligence$7,500 main applicant
$5,000 spouse
$5,000 dependents >16 years old
Government Feesnot applicable
Government Processing Fees$2,000 main applicant
$1,000 spouse
$1,000 each dependent

Professional fees are required on all NEF applications and will vary in relation to the number of dependents and the complexity of the application.

St Lucia Citizenship by Investment Real Estate

Applicants for the St Lucia citizenship by investment program may qualify by investing a minimum of US$300,000 in a approved St Lucia citizenship by investment real estate project. As a result, their $300,000 investment will qualify the main applicant and their dependents, irrespective of the number dependents on the application. Additionally, the investor is required to hold the property for a minimum of five years in order to retain their St Lucia passport.

Real Estate Program RequirementsReal Estate Program Fees
Investment$200,000 all inclusive
Due Diligence$7,500 main applicant
$5,000 spouse
$5,000 dependents >16 years old
Government Fees$30,000 main applicant
$15,000 spouse
$10,000 dependents 18 years and over
$5,000 dependents <18 years old
Government Processing Fees$2,000 main applicant
$1,000 spouse
$1,000 each dependent

Professional fees are required on all applications and will vary in relation to the number of dependents and the complexity of the application.

St Lucia Government Bond Option

The government of St Lucia has renamed the government bond purchase option. As a result, investors and their families can qualify for St Lucia citizenship by investment by purchasing the non-interest bearing bond and holding it for a minimum of 5-7 years. In contrast with the pre-existing program, the minimum investment amounts have been reduced significantly. The table below reflects the updated program.

Program CostsSingle Applicants, Married Couples
Family of 4 (kids <16)
Investment$250,000$250,000 (6 year holding period)
$300,000 (5 year holding period)
+$15,000 each additional dependent
Due Diligence$7,500 main applicant
$5,000 Spouse
$7,500 main applicant
$5,000 Spouse
$0 children <16
Government Administration Fees
$50,000 payable upon approval
$50,000 payable upon approval
Government Processing Fees$2,000 main applicant
$1,000 spouse
$2,000 main applicant
$1,000 spouse
$1,000 each dependent
Holding Period
5 years single applicant
6 years married couples
7 years w/additional dependents
6 years $250,000 investment
5 years $300,000 investment

Professional fees are required on all applications and will vary in relation to the number of dependents and the complexity of the application.

St Lucia Citizenship by Investment Business Investment

The St Lucia citizenship by investment program also offers business options for acquiring citizenship. Options for individuals include direct purchase of an eligible business worth a minimum of $3,500,000 plus the creation of at least three permanent jobs. Additionally, multiple applicants can combine funds with a minimum of $1,000,000 per applicant for a combined total of $6,000,000, plus the creation of at least 6 permanent jobs.

St Lucia Citizenship Benefits

  • No Restricted Nationalities: St Lucia currently does not preclude any nationalities from qualification for the program. However, they are currently unable to process applications of Iranian Origin.
  • Member of British Commonwealth: As a Commonwealth Citizen, successful applicants enjoy benefits including assistance at British Embassies and consulates in foreign non-Commonwealth countries where their own country does not have a diplomatic or consular post. Additionally, they can apply for British emergency passports if their passport has been lost or stolen. Also, the children of successful applicants receive preferential treatment inside the UK for student visas and also work visas.
  • Superb Infrastructure: The island features two ideally located airports and seaports. Additionally, St Lucia services the international yachting community at three locations on the island.
  • Simple Qualification Requirements: St Lucia passport requirements do not include academic credentials, English fluency or minimum net worth.
  • Dual Citizenship: The government of St Lucia recognizes and allows dual citizenship.
  • Low Tax Country: St Lucia requires no wealth tax, inheritance tax and no tax on international income.
  • No Residency Requirement: Residency is not required to obtain or retain St Lucia citizenship.
  • No Interview: An interview is not required as part of the approval process.
  • Finance and Banking: Easy to obtain SSN, tax Id, proof of address and start an offshore company.
  • Program Diversity: Funding options include St Lucia real estate investment, non refundable contribution, enterprise or government bond option.
  • Add On Dependents: St Lucia citizenship by investment includes options for newborn children or a new spouse that can be added to the application at anytime. Additionally, a person who was a qualifying dependent before the initial application for citizenship was submitted may be added to the application for up to five years after the application for citizenship was granted.
  • Natural Environment: St Lucia has a beautiful landscape including unspoiled rain forests, the Piton Mountains and miles of secluded beaches.
  • Visa Free Countries: St Lucia citizenship visa free countries and regions includes the EU, UK, Iran, Argentina, Cuba, Hong Kong Singapore and all the Caribbean states. Additional visa free access includes 146 countries and regions.
  • Digital Processing: to prevent the transmission of the novel corona virus, processing of St Lucia citizenship by investment applications has been moved 100% online.

St Lucia Qualified Dependents

  • Dependents of the main applicant include children 21 years and under without demonstrating full financial support for the child dependent.
  • Dependent children between 22-30 years who are fully supported by the main applicant or spouse. There is no longer any requirement for them to be enrolled in a qualified institution of higher learning.
  • Dependent parents and grandparents over the age of 55 who are supported by the main applicant may be included.
  • Unmarried siblings of the main applicant below the age of 18 may be included as dependents with no additional costs e.g. fees are the same as other dependents.
  • Legally adopted children can be included as dependents.

On May 6, 2019 the government of St Lucia announced it has amended section 36 of the Citizenship by Investment Act No. 14 of 2015 to allow the citizenship by investment board to grant citizenship to qualifying dependents as follows:

  1. the person was a qualifying applicant when the application was made by the citizen;
  2. the person is a child born after the application is made by the citizen;
  3. the person is a spouse of the citizen and was married after the application was made by the citizen;
  4. the application for St Lucia citizenship by investment of the qualifying dependent was made no more than five years after the application was made by the citizen.

Essentially, the program has become open ended for newborns, new spouses and qualifying dependents for up to five years after initial the application was made.

Add On Requirements Program Costs
Due Diligence$5,000 per dependent >16 years
Investment Amount$35,000 for new spouse
$25,000 for each dependent other than spouse
$500 (newborn children 12 months of age and below)

Professional fees are required on all applications and will vary in relation to the number of dependents and the complexity of the application.

St Lucia economic citizenship application forms must be completed in the English language. The supporting documents must also be submitted in English or an authenticated translation into the English language. Additionally, the application forms and supporting documents listed below is generalized and it is not exhaustive. These are the general requirements according to the St Lucia citizenship by investment unit (CBIU), however the CBIU can request additional documents/verification at their discretion.

All application forms and supporting documents must be submitted in electronic form and also original printed form by the authorized agent. After the application process is initiated we will provide clarification about document format, duplicates, supplementary materials, number of certified passport photos et cetera.


  1. First, the applicant enters into a professional agreement with iGlobal and a portion of the professional fees are collected. If applicable, the “Real Estate Reservation Agreement” and down payment for the property is collected. Additionally, all of the application forms are filled in completely and the supporting documents are collected. The completed application package will be checked by our legal team.
  2. Next, the remaining professional fees are collected. Additionally, the due diligence fees and government processing fees are collected and submitted to the St Lucia CBIU along with the fully completed application package.
  3. The due diligence period and background check begins. The St Lucia economic citizenship processing time is 3 months, if there is an expected delay the CBIU will provide a written reason to the authorized agent.
  4. An approval in principle letter is issued by the CBIU. If applicable, the Purchase and Sale agreement, lease agreement and power of attorney documents are executed. Additionally, the entire qualifying investment amount minus down payment (if any) must be submitted within 60 calendar days. Also, government administrative fees must be submitted in full (real estate or business investment).
  5. The applicant who has been granted St Lucia economic citizenship must sign the oath of allegiance in front of an attorney at law, Consular officer of St Lucia, Honorary Consul of St Lucia, Notary Royal or Notary Public.
  6. Finally, the certificate(s) of naturalization and passport(s) are issued and will be sent to the successful applicant using a reputable delivery service.


  • NIC Application Form
  • SL1 Document Checklist
  • SL2 Use of Authorized Agent
  • SL3 Statement of Alternative Citizenship
  • SL4 Investment Confirmation Form
  • SL5 Application for St Lucian Citizenship by Investment
  • SL6 Photograph and Signature Form
  • SL7 Affidavit of Support
  • SL8 Medical Examiner Details and Declaration

Proof of payment of due diligence and processing fees, Birth certificate, Proof of name change (if applicable), Certificate of Citizenship(s) (if applicable), Permanent Residence Card or certificate (if applicable), Military Records (if applicable), Photo and Signature Certificate, Six Passport sized Photographs, National Identity Cards, Copies of ALL pages of your Passport, Proof of Residential Address, Marriage Certificate (if applicable), Divorce Decree (if applicable), Curriculum Vitae, Professional reference, Bank reference, Sworn Affidavit of Support of spouse and other dependents, Professional and Academic Certificates, Police Certificate from Country of Birth and any country where you have resided for over a 1 year period during the 10 years preceding the application, Certified copy of your current and expired visas, Proof of Enrollment at a recognized school, university or college for any qualified dependent between 18-25 years of age, Custody of Legal Guardianship Records, Statutory Declaration of non accompanying parent for any qualified dependent under 18 years indicating no objection to their inclusion on the application, certified copy of photo id of non-accompanying parent bearing his or her signature

REAL ESTATE OPTION: Copy of Duly Executed Real Estate Contract / Purchase and Sales Agreement, Copy of Duly Executed Escrow Agreement, Deed of Conveyance / Certificate of Title (if closing completed), Confirmation of deposit of all funds to escrow account

  • Major Industries: Tourism, Offshore Banking, Agriculture
  • Capital City: Castries
  • Population: Approximately 183,657
  • Nominal Gross Domestic Product: $1,200,000,000
  • Per Capita Income: $6,847
  • Total Area: 616 sq kilometers/238 sq miles
  • Spoken Languages: English, French Creole
  • Political System: Parliamentary Democracy
  • Legal System: English Common Law
  • Currency: East Caribbean Dollar
  • Climate: Tropical, Average Temperature 70°F to 90°F

Location of St LuciaLocation of St Lucia

The St Lucia location is enhanced with two airports servicing international destinations and also the surrounding Caribbean islands. Hewanorra International Airport is located in the southern portion of the island near the Seaport and Free zone area. Additionally, George F.L. Charles airport serves domestic routes and it is located on the northern tip of the island.

St Lucia also features two sea ports including Port Castries which caters to the bustling cruise industry. Indeed, tourism plays a major role in the economy with over 600,000 cruise passengers visiting St Lucia each year. Furthermore, Port Vieux is located on the southern tip of the island and mostly handles transshipment cargoes.

Last but not least, St Lucia is host to a growing international yachting community. As a result, they have developed several facilities including world class marinas at Rodney Bay, Marigot Bay and Soufriere – all of which serve as entry points into the country.