Grenada Required Documents

Application Package Form(s)

  • Annex 1 – Registration of Electronic Signature
  • Annex 2 – Family Members
  • Annex 3 – Application Form
  • Annex 3 – Supplement – Particulars related to applicants
  • Annex 4 – Privacy and Information Release Form
  • Annex 5 – Criminal Record Verification Form
  • Annex 6 – Birth or Adoption Records
  • Annex 7 – Verification of Support of Dependents over the age of 11
  • Annex 8 – Medical Health Certification
  • Annex 9 – Statement of Source of Funds
  • Education History/Employment History
  • Application Checklist – Schedule II Form 1
  • Know Your Client Form
  • Application for a Grenadian Passport Form

Additional Supporting Document(s)

10 current color passport size photos, Color copies of all passports possessed, Color Copy of all National ID documents, Certified copy of all marriage and divorce certificates, Original professional reference, Original Bank Reference, Resume or CV, Required Affidavits (as required in support of annex 7), Certified diplomas and school transcripts for dependents 18-25 years old (if applicable), Original police certificate and criminal records verification (annex 5), Original birth certificate or Adoption records, Medical health certificate with HIV results, Statement of Source of funds – adequate documentation is required (annex 9), Original Proof of Residential Address

REAL ESTATE OPTION: Copy of Duly Executed Real Estate Contract / Purchase and Sales Agreement, Copy of Duly Executed Escrow Agreement, Deed of Conveyance / Certificate of Title (if closing completed), Confirmation of deposit of all funds to escrow account