Citizenship by Investment FAQ | Frequently Asked Questions

Please find below our citizenship by investment FAQ. The answers were meant to be all inclusive. However, if further clarification is needed do not hesitate to contact me directly. 

What advantages does iGlobal offer investors compared to other immigration agencies?

At iGlobal we are true believers in the benefits of global citizenship. Having personally completed one of the Caribbean citizenship by investment programs, I am intimately familiar with the program benefits, qualification process and requirements. Additionally, iGlobal is well integrated locally and we have a combined 35+ years of experience working with the Caribbean citizenship by investment programs plus Vanuatu. Choose iGlobal to ensure your citizenship application is successfully completed at the lowest possible cost with optimal efficiency. Plus, receive follow up support as you make the important transition outside your country of origin.

What are the primary benefits of the citizenship by investment programs that you offer?

  • Dual citizenship is allowed with no requirement to renounce your current citizenship.
  • The passport is issued by a neutral country with a non-invasive foreign policy.
  • The legal system of each country is based on English Common Law.
  • There are no personal interview requirements.
  • There is no residency requirement to obtain or retain citizenship.
  • No tax on overseas income including capital gains, wealth or inheritance tax.
  • No requirement to report overseas assets e.g. FBAR
  • Visa free or visa on arrival access to over 130 countries including all of the EU, UK, Russia, plus Hong Kong, Singapore and much more.
  • As a citizen of the British Commonwealth you may receive assistance at British Embassies and consulates, plus receive preferential treatment inside the UK.
  • English is the national language and there are no fluency requirements.
  • Citizenship from by a member state grants the right to live and work in any of the CARICOM countries.
  • The application process is totally confidential with no requirement to notify your country of origin.

How do I establish Caribbean tax residency?

It is extremely beneficial to establish tax residency in a low tax jurisdiction such as the Caribbean. Indeed, all of the Caribbean CBI countries plus Vanuatu allow successful citizenship applicants to establish local tax residency. As a result, successful Caribbean CBI applicants will have the option to significantly reduce or even eliminate all global income tax liability.

Establishing tax residency requires an assessment of your circumstances and objectives. We will do what is necessary to help you accomplish your goals. This includes acquisition of your tax identification number, local driver’s license, local SIM card or even a physical address on the island if needed. Contact me today for your free assessment.

What are the total fees involved?

The types of fees are as follows: government processing fees, due diligence, passport fees, escrow fees and professional fees. Different programs use different classifications and applicable fees are applied accordingly. Please review the complete fee breakdown within each program listing.

What is due diligence and why is it necessary?

Due diligence is the process of checking all of the information that you entered on your application. It is imperative to verify things like your identity, employment, education, funding source, residency and criminal history – including INTERPOL. Due diligence is preformed on all applicants over a certain age limit stipulated by the program guidelines.

What is the non-refundable investment used for?

The funds from your contribution are used for economic and community development projects. Each program is specially designed to address the local situation. For example, infrastructure to facilitate tourism, climate change, hurricane relief, education and medical are some common program themes.

Is cryptocurrency accepted as valid payment for second citizenship?

We are able to process cryptocurrency payments using BTC, USDT and ETH for certain CBI programs. Contact me for program specifics and a detailed price quote.

Can I submit the application myself?

None of the citizenship by investment programs permit applicants to apply directly to the CBIU.

Can my new citizenship ever be revoked?

The citizenship rights granted are embedded in the constitution of the issuing country. However, constitutional protections of some countries are stronger than others. If you are concerned about constitutional protections, it is best to secure citizenship from a time tested program such as Dominica.

What is considered a family unit for the application?

The family unit is considered to be the main applicant plus their dependents. For general application purposes dependents are considered to be the spouse, children of the main applicant and parents. However, some of the programs have expanded the type of relationship with the main applicant or spouse of the main applicant that is permitted to qualify as a dependent. For example, grandparents, adult children, new spouses and siblings are now being accepted as dependents. Contact me for details.

Can my descendants be granted citizenship?

Infants that are born during the application process or after citizenship is issued may receive citizenship. There may be processing fees involved, please inquire for details.

Can children from a previous marriage be included in the application?

Yes, this is usually possible. However, it requires additional documentation including a certified letter of authorization from the other biological parent reflecting their approval.

What is your refund policy?

Contributions for the development fund, real estate purchase or business investment are fully refundable if the application is not approved.

How long is the passport valid before it needs to be renewed?

Citizenship granted under the programs we offer is for life. Passports are usually issued for 10 years validity for adults and 5 years for children. Currently the only exception is Antigua and Barbuda which issues passports with only 5 years validity. After expiration the passport can be renewed with the respective governments.

If my passport or certificate of naturalization is lost or stolen can it be replaced?

Yes. It is required that you obtain a police report/statement which validates your claim. This documentation along with fees, photos and written request for reissue must then be submitted to the respective government authority.

Does my police background check need to be from both my country of original citizenship and residency?

Yes, the criminal background check is for all countries that you have recently resided in for over 6 months duration and also your country of original citizenship. It is helpful if you have resided in the same place for a significant amount of time.

Can I renounce my current citizenship after I have received my new passport?

Yes, renunciation is permitted after you have been issued your new citizenship. However, dual citizenship is allowed under the programs we offer.

Is an interview required as part of the approval process?

No, a personal interview is not required as part of the application process.

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