Dominica Required Documents

The following Dominica citizenship by investment documents list must be completed and submitted to the Dominica Citizenship by Investment Unit (CBIU) for approval. Please note the list is generalized and it is not exhaustive. As such, the CBIU can request additional documents/verification at their discretion. After the application process is initiated, we are able to provide clarification with document format, duplicates, supplemental materials, number of certified photos et cetera.


  1. Form 12 – Application for Naturalization as a citizen of Dominica, to be completed by all persons applying for citizenship.
  2. Form D1 – Disclosure form: to be completed by all applicants.
  3. Form D2 – Photographic and Fingerprint Verification Form: to be completed by all applicants.
  4. Form D3 – Medical Questionnaire: to be completed by all applicants.
  5. Form D4 – Investment Agreement: to be completed by the main applicant only.
  6. Purchase and Sales Agreement (Real Estate Option Only)


  1. A letter of application for citizenship by investment addressed to the minister responsible for citizenship stating the reasons for applying.
  2. Two personal references (not professional references) for the investor, spouse and any child over 18 years. (we will provide formatting)
  3. One original professional reference for the applicant.
  4. One original recommendation from the investor’s banker (not bank statement).
  5. One original letter of employment for the investor.
  6. Bank statements for the last 12 months immediately preceding the submission of the application.
  7. Marriage Certificate (if applicable)
  8. Original Police Clearance Certificate or similar law enforcement document confirming no criminal history for all applicants 16 years and over.
  9. Four certified passport size photos.
  10. Original birth certificate for all applicants.
  11. Notarized copies of all University/College Diplomas.
  12. Completed medical check up for all applicants.
  13. Non-refundable due diligence and processing fees.
  14. Detailed resume/business background report for all applicants who are working adults.
  15. Official transcripts or signed letter from competent authority confirming enrollment (if enrolled) at an institution of higher learning for dependents age 18-30. (still required irrespective of the July 9, 2020 program updates concerning dependents)
  16. Any other document deemed necessary by the minister.

REAL ESTATE OPTION: Copy of Duly Executed Real Estate Contract / Purchase and Sales Agreement, Copy of Duly Executed Escrow Agreement, Deed of Conveyance / Certificate of Title (if closing completed), Confirmation of deposit of all funds to escrow account